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WOMI's unique algorithm constantly searches the social media networks - Instagram and Facebook.

WOMI will identify when your customer shares a photo of a product they bought on your store.

WOMI will enable you to monitor these posts and reward your customers for their social media activity with your products.

Boost your customers' trust and increase sales by word of mouth authentic marketing !

Key features

  • One click setup - Click “Get” and you’re all set.

  • Convert your buyers into social ambassadors - Reward them for a social media photo with your products.

  • Automatic email social post request - Sit back and relax as posts flow in.

  • Customization - Define email text, email timing, social hashtags and incentives.

  • Moderation - You decide which social post get an incentive.

  • Incentivize - Offer customers a veriaty of options - refund, discount code and more.

  • Inline SEO - Customers who came from seeing a photo of your product on their friend's wall, will visit on average X2.5 more pages. increase the time on site and product discovery.

  • World class customer support - Always happy to help at

  • Easy to use - Easy to love - no design or coding skills required.

Add WOMI to your site now, you'll be amazed by its results!

Motherease posted a year ago

Very neat app and easy to use. I would highly recommend adding if you want a simple solution to capturing social media images!

Pandy posted a year ago

Easy to use, customizable, and we've gotten a ton of UGC so far! Thanks!

Gobamboogo posted a year ago

Cool and amazing apps, love the idea, amazing service!


Body Back Company posted a year ago

Outside of some mild email template formatting issues that I cannot directly fix myself this app has served us great!

Definitely worth installing and seeing if this is something that your store can benefit from.

Pretty Fireplaces posted 2 years ago

We found when one of our customers asked we have it. We looked into it and decided to give it a shot. Why not, it doesn't cost anything and it would be nice to have more customer-generated content on social and possible referrals. Haven't really had a chance to see the results yet, but the idea is great!

Chainsforhim posted 2 years ago

very easy to set up, fantastic premise and excellent customer service. This is a no-brainer

Wakami Canada posted 2 years ago

Super cool app & amazing service!

Case Fun Ltd posted 2 years ago

Very helpful looks good so far

Wfamilyproductscdn posted 2 years ago

easy install great support a team you want to have to increase store sales

Allenmartine Com posted 2 years ago

Its awesome easy and the support you get is top of the line Thumbs up guys