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Wishlist - Wishlist by Greenfrog
Free – $4.00 / month


Wishlist is very common feature in any eCommerce web store.

In today's world one of the most important features of any online store is the Wishlist.

Customers can login to their account in the store they are purchasing from and save their favorite items in their wishlist account.

With Wishlists, customers can save their favorite items and purchase them later in the future. After adding their favorite products in wishlist they can see them all together , compare them and decide which products to buy.

In action :

  • Artifice Store Wishlist Demo
  • TOADART Wishlist Demo
  • Dodi Shop Wishlist Demo
  • Toutpourmoi Wishlist Demo
  • Clddesigner Wishlist Demo
  • Golf Shop Wishlist Demo

    • Let customers create lists of their favorite products.

    • It is really simple to use. The wishlist can be created by just one-click. It is super-easy to setup and anyone with no coding experience can easily do this.

    • Customers can login and save their products to their wishlist once they have gone through the products.

    • Customers can add their favorite products both from Collection & Product pages.

    • Customers can login anytime and are one step beyond from adding products to the cart from their wishlist.

    • Customers can also compare their products added in the wishlist.

    • It is manageable by the admin, can add product to the wishlist from the back-end as well as remove it.

    Audre Anna posted 9 months ago

    Nice app so far! Super easy to install. Customer support helped me with the placement off the wishlist button and the service was quick!