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Visitors by NS8
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View and Export Visitors to Your Site

One key missing feature in Google Analytics is the ability to see a report on individual visitors to your site. This app provides that feature.

The Visitors app displays a list of all visitors to your shop. Over 100 attributes are available to report on, including:

  • How many times the visitor has been to your shop

  • The channel and campaign

  • Geolocation

  • Device data

  • The organization (company/ISP/university)

  • The likelyhood the visitor is a bot

  • The demographics of the postal code of the visitor

  • The browser/platform and other client data

and more...

In addition, you can export this data into CSV format for Microsoft Excel and other applications.

The Visitors app works by integrating a small script on your site, which will not cause any blocking or performance issues.

The Visitors app is provided by NS8 and NS8 Complete Storefront Protection, which is an ecommerce-focused analytics & fraud protection product that specializes in campaign fraud detection, order fraud protection, and reputation monitoring.

Vacant Label posted a year ago

Had some bug but support was quick on their feet. Good App. Recommended!!

Racerc posted a year ago

Very nice app!! Important and detail info!

The Geo Factory posted a year ago

Fantastic App, Gives a great insight into our visitors! A+

Muscat Gems posted a year ago

Fascinating being able to see where everyone comes from. Like the options for all kinds of stats. Great app.

Trippsy posted a year ago

Excellent app gives me quick heatmap does what it says using it on


Mysexywaist Com Wholesale posted a year ago

Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks

Preppersuppliesuk posted a year ago

Works for my store, in fact this is the sort of detail I was looking for, to truly understand my customers. Most reporting tools focus on polished looking reports, which offers limited insight. Visitors delivers the raw data and I am happy with the results.

Vitalize Supplements posted a year ago

Really cool app. I like to look at the details of every visitor that comes to my site and wow, this app provides details. It installed without any effort, and just started tracking. I also really like the filtering capabilities so I can see the visitors that come from specific campaigns.

Nice job.

Pure Hearts International posted a year ago

Installed easily. Looks great. Nice tour. Can't figure out how to make it work. Will upgrade to 5 stars if support will guide me.

>>>Update: you have to give this app time to start receiving data from your site. I don't know how long but I'm guessing more than one day. My app is now filled with tons of visitor data and nice color maps too. Plan on getting into it more as I have time.