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Ultimate Upsell
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From the same team behind Automatic Discount

Watch a webcast here that we did on March 23rd 2017 with HeyCarson

★Featured in New and Noteworthy by Shopify ♥ March 2017★

The only app that allows you to upsell add-ons and bundles without duplicate variants and without any coding needed

Upsell individual products (A la carte) ➝ Learn how

Upsell different products a la carte. Customers can add one ore more add-ons to cart as they check out.

Example: Customers add a watch to cart, and in addition to the main product, they “pimp” the product with an additional strap.

Upsell products together (Bundle) ➝ Learn how

Suggest to customers a product bundle to deliver more value, at a better price. Customers buy more products and save money. You make more sales.

Example: Customers buy a bundle that includes a computer, a mouse and a keyboard, and they save 30% over purchasing these 3 items individually.


➝ You can upsell products or only some specific product variants

★ Ultimate Upsell is 100% mobile friendly ★

Watch some use cases

  1. Upsell a bundle of makeup products

  2. Upsell a cap as an add-on on a jeans product page

  3. Upsell a burger combo in bundle on the product page and extra french fries as an add-on on the Cart page

  4. Upsell french fries after payment, on the Thank You page

  5. Upsell 3 books together for a reduced price

  6. Upsell french fries after payment
  7. Share your use case via email and we will feature your store here (free traffic and SEO)

When can I upsell customers?

Based on what's in the cart ➝ Rule based upsell (on Cart page and Thank you page)

Display upsells and cross-sells based on customers' shopping cart. Offer relevant add-on products to customers based on their cart content or their cart $ amount.

Cart rules ➝ Display the upsell when:

  • Contains product(s)/collection(s)

  • Does not contain product(s)/collection(s)

  • Amount spent is >=

  • Always display

Example: if this product or any product of this collection is the cart, then display Upsell XYZ

Based on the product page visited ➝ URL based upsell

This app is perfect if you want to upsell on specific product pages only, no matter what's in the cart.

Example: if you visit this URL (product X ➝ e.g. Gold Watch, show an upsell a la carte (3 variants of product Y ➝ e.g. black, silver, yellow straps) right below the Add to cart button.


Where can I display the Upsells?

Upsell on Product page ➝ Learn how

Visitors that are on your product page can add the main product to cart and a few extra features OR they can add a discounted product bundle to cart.

Upsell on Cart page ➝ Learn how

People who reach your cart page most likely have the credit card ready. So it's a lot easier to upsell them something relevant as it will benefit them. The point of purchase is the most common upsell point for a reason: it works.

Upsell on Thank you page (After payment) ➝ Learn how

Let customers complete the purchase of the first product and then offer them a few options, right after they checkout. Or offer them a once in a lifetime offer to thank them. Customers don't need to fill again all the checkout fields!

Upsell in Popup

Upsell a product in a popup (modal window). A great use case is for example when customers buy a camera, and on the cart page you display a popup upsell with a special memory stick card.

Upsell in Notification

Upsell a product that pops to customers as a quick notification in the left corner of their screen. Works perfectly on all device (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Upsell just about anywhere

Using our Selector tool, you can insert upsells anywhere on your store, without editing any theme file. If you want more advanced settings, you can simply insert in your theme the code snippet you find in the Advanced Options.

Upsell, cross-sell, down-sell ➝ Anything to make more sales!

Upsell a bigger, better product ➝ Learn how

Cross-sell with a "You may also like" approach ➝ Learn how

Down-sell a cheaper product ➝ Learn how

Upsell both A la Carte and as a Bundle ➝ Learn how

Easiest setup ever

✓ No Coding skills needed

✓ No Liquid file to edit

✓ Add upsells anywhere in your store in a few clicks

Start upselling in seconds

✓ Select what to upsell ➝ Products sold a la carte or as a bundle

✓ Select when to upsell ➝ Based on the cart content, the amount spent or the page visited.

✓ Select where to upsell ➝ In your theme, in a popup or a notification.

✓ Publish it

✓ Keep track of your conversion rate ➝ # views, # added to cart and # sales

★Coming Soon★

Karmakisscom posted a year ago

This is the best Shopify Upsell App in the market today in my opinion, and I have tested quite a few.
Super easy set up, great options for showing upsells, and more importantly - amazing support.
I really hope they can continue providing such high level and attentive customer support as this is key for a successful app today.

Vvahandbags posted a year ago

Far too slow on the product search - they do tell me they are working on that. I will try again later as it looked very promising.

They improved the product search a lot the day after I posted what's above. Pretty impressed by the attentiveness. Great app!