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Free Trust Badge by Hektor

★★★★★ Featured Top New App by Shopify ♥ July 2017

More than 2500 stores use this app to announce offers & promotions and increase sales

The attention span of a modern human is only 6 seconds. An image or icon always works better than texts to grab the attention of the users. Especially when it comes to making the first impression on your customer and building confidence and trust, you have only one shot. So do it right.

Introducing Free Trust Badge app by Hektor

Spice up your product page by featuring your payment processing partners and instantly build trust among your shoppers. Our app comes with a modern responsive look and built using SVG images to make sure it fits any screen-size and customizable to blend in your native design. And it is FREE FOREVER

Installs in a few clicks and no technical skill needed

At Hektor we believe in keeping things simple. Our app is built with the powerful algorithm in the backend and very easy to use dashboard. Every element of the badge widget is customizable and can be configured in a few clicks.

☞ Click here for a live demo

Our support

We test and maintain our apps regularly. Still, if you find a glitch or bug, just send a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible. As a software-as-a-service team, we believe support should be the 80% of the total delivery. So it is our promise to you, we will respond back to your support request within 12 hours. Every issue and problem will be addressed with the highest priority.
We also believe in co-creation and community spirit. So feel free to say hello and send us your feedbacks and suggestions.


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Expressyourphone posted 3 months ago

Awesome app! Does what it says it does and awesome technical support! Very Fast!

Trevani posted 4 months ago

Very good App!! It's nice to have an app that adds trust to the customers!

Bluebuddha posted 4 months ago

Just need to add an apple pay icon and this would get 5 stars. Easy to use.

Anymool posted 4 months ago

Nice free app.Does the job. thank you

Catloveclothing posted 4 months ago

Great FREE app that adds trust for my customers. Get this one NOW!

Fitwearandco posted 4 months ago

Working Perfect on this store - as it is on our other stores. Thanks!

Forevershop posted 4 months ago

It is very nice app. And worth to try.

Thegadgetarian posted 4 months ago

Yes, I thank Free Trust Badge by Hektor for providing free trust badge for my website. Really a big factor for my e-commerce site. Just feel a need to say thanks o lot for a provider like you who are so generous enough to provide such very relevant apps especially for starters in e-commerce.
FTB by Hektor you're just amazing!

Lady Legasus posted 4 months ago

Works perfectly! I love it and looks professional

Xcellenttrade posted 4 months ago

Perfect app for a perfect store. Really useful and works flawless.