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Bold Brain

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★ Save time and make more money with the most powerful recommendation engine on Shopify ★

The Bold Brain is a FREE app that analyzes thousands of data points on your store including past orders, customers and products. It then uses this data to make your store smarter, offering recommendations to your customers automatically through a Related Products panel on your storefront. You can also show a panel of Most Purchased Products based off of your top sellers. The app's only goal is to make you more money.

Save hours of your own time while increasing sales: The Bold Brain will personalize your recommendations based on information gathered from your customers.

The app also integrates with the world-famous Product Upsell app to create personalized offers for your store.

How does this work?

  1. Brain analyzes your store's past orders and products

  2. Heuristics are used to evaluate which items are often purchased together

  3. Offers are recommended for you, along with an IQ score that shows how confident Brain is that the recommendation will work.

  4. You approve the recommendation, which automatically sets up the offer in Product Upsell and begins displaying it on your store in a single click!

Brain integrates with the #1 subscription order app on Shopify, Recurring Orders.

Here's how it works:

  1. Brain analyzes your store's past orders and products

  2. Automated calculations are performed to find products that are often purchased at specific intervals.

  3. Brain calculates an IQ score that determines confidence that the product would be a good candidate for a subscription.

  4. You can accept the recommendation and with a single click the product is added to a Recurring Orders subscription group.

Check out how one store increased their sales over $11,000 in a few weeks, by using the Brain!

The Bold Brain will:

  • Learn how your customers like to shop on your store

  • Show recommendations to customers based on products that are often purchased together

  • Display a widget containing your store's most popular products on your homepage (or whichever page you want)

  • Match products to offer as cross-sells based on sales data collected from your customers

  • Approve recommendations with the click of a single button, setting them up in seconds and making it easier to show beautiful, personalized offers to your customers

  • Track which upsells are converting best over time

  • Show advanced reporting and insights about your business


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Grietas Kitchen posted 8 months ago

Great app! It takes the guesswork out of which products to upsell.

Locobeauty posted 8 months ago

Brain saves me a lot of time and gives me great insight about upselling data and recommendations. I highly recommend this app who already uses Bold Upsell App.