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Thank You Page Upsell
$5.00 / month
20% off
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Add products directly on your thank you page with our wysiwyg editor and sell more. Increase store revenue and profits after your sale.

You can design a discounted product upsell directly on your thank you page and embed it after you sell something to increase sales in your sales funnel.

This is the only app to do this currently!

Show a time limited time discounted product offer after you sell to your customers and get more orders immediately on your Shopify store.

Create urgency and watch the extra revenue role in after a few minutes of setup.

Increase sales and average customer order sizes.


When someone orders something from your store after an order is completed, on the thank you page you can offer a time limited product "upsell".

You can offer a deal to the customer after purchase. You set a time that you want to offer the discount for, the discount amount, and the product available for the upsell.

When the customer clicks on the upsell on the thank you page they will also automatically have the discount applied at checkout for the new product.

It will only also work for a limited time with the countdown timer.

Motivate buyers to make another purchase immediately.


Try making a purchase below (payment on delivery option)

Demo Store to Test Thank You Page Upsell

Key Upsell Features

  • Built in Countdown Timer

  • Visual Editor - No Coding Needed

  • Automatically create Limited Time Offers

  • Discount automatically added to cart

Se7endaysonline posted a year ago

Easy to use / great concept
Does not display variants
Only one offer at a time
No Support OR they are just very slow. message sent more than a week ago.