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Your customers are out there but reaching them is complicated.

SumAll works with Shopify to grow your business with automations. Our automations integrate with your social media accounts to boost engagement and drive traffic.

SumAll automates connecting with customers, making your life easier.

Automations let you share amazing content to your social networks without any hassle.

You're busy. We get it. With our automation tools, you can engage with your customers 24/7.

When you schedule your automations, you're in charge.

Fully control when your content is posted in a matter of seconds.

Get the lowdown on your data.

Track your social media, ad, and sales data with ease.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Connect:

    Create your SumAll account and connect your platforms.

  2. Schedule:

    Set up your automations with a few simple clicks.

  3. Relax:

    Your automated content is posted when scheduled, giving you more free time.

Oh yes, we're free.

The rumours are true! SumAll is free for everyone. Install now to get full access to our platform at zero cost to you.

Aram Erboristeria posted 8 months ago

Email digest is a great way to keep track of my e-commerce's metrics.

Insect Frame Uk posted 2 years ago

Outdated unfortunately no more support

Dev Tees posted 3 years ago

Used to be a decent and useful product, but with their new interface update Oct 23rd it turns out they've completely dropped support for Shopify (was confirmed to me by a support rep today).


Military Outdoor posted 3 years ago

Great app, info at your fingertips!

starstarstarstar_borderstar_border posted 3 years ago

The interface could use some polish, but works great once you get the hang of it.

ohSh!t posted 3 years ago

App cant be used, as it's never stoping to import. no data available since 24h

Penny Dreads & Wigs posted 3 years ago

Reading other reviews, didn't have any problems installing. Shows great stats across almost literally every platform a small Ecommerce business owner could use. Would love to see Twitter Ads, Pinterest integrated. Needs high level metrics like combined revenue from multiple sources - would massively increase effectiveness. Would love to see more in-depth reports from some sources. Really has the potential to be the ultimate reporting app, one of the more impressive startups I've seen - needs more work though.

Make-Up Designory (MUD) posted 3 years ago

Same thing here. Impossible to install.
Tried different browsers already.

Pitbull Clothing posted 3 years ago

Can't get the app to install ! Very frustrating.

Critical Cycles posted 4 years ago

Can't even get this thing to open.