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Social Media Stream
From $0.00 / month

Social Media Stream

Showcase your posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Youtube, Pinterest and Tumblr onto one stunning social widget.

✓ 1 Clicks Install

Allow visitors to view all of your real-time updates on your website from their desktop or mobile devices. Let your visitors see all your social media posts.


  • Add Streams from :

    ⍟ Facebook (Pages / Personal Profiles)

    ⍟ Twitter (User / Hasthag)

    ⍟ Instagram (User / Hashtag)

    ⍟ Youtube (User / Channel / Playlist)

    ⍟ Pinterest (User / Board)

    ⍟ Tumblr (User / Blog)

  • Full Mobile Support

  • Insanely Quick Refresh Rates

Eyes Of Faith posted a year ago

Great, fast support. Although disconnects from FB periodically (which doesn't appear to be a flaw in the app), they got back to me asap with an answer and was easy to reconnect.

Bini The Bunny posted a year ago

Easy to use and set up . Nice video interface.

Nilight Led Light Bar posted a year ago

it is a great app, but it can only show the stream of one social platform, though I have added all.

Little Miss Curvy posted a year ago

Top of the Pops! great App would highly recommend and top customer support, could get any better thank you guys!

Angels Wings Pearl Settings posted a year ago

I would highly recommend this app. It works very well for what we needed. Customer support was excellent :)

Faerysteps posted a year ago

Absolutely brilliant app. Easy to install, great customer service too.
Im using for a pinterest board and its wonderful.
Thank you ever so much.

Whole Body Fuel posted a year ago

Fast service when our stream was down. Was back up and running in less than a day. Thanks for the quick response time!

Faust Brothers Design posted a year ago

The app is simple and works pretty well. The support is outstanding.
Highly recommended for a "hands off" social media app.

Themedshirts posted a year ago

put all social media in one place, really helped

Rebel Rani posted a year ago

Fairly easy to use and excellent customer service.