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Storeye integrates your Shopify store with Gmail

If you are using Gmail to communicate with your Shopify customers you must have felt the need to know who your Gmail contacts are before responding to their sales or support inquiries. Switching between Gmail and your Shopify store admin and going through the customer or order list, could be frustrating and will definitely cost you valuable time.

Storeye gives you precise and instant information for your email contacts directly in Gmail. With Storeye in Gmail you can:

  • View customer information for the email contact you are currently working with. This includes contact information as well as billing and shipping addresses. Just hover over an email conversation or any contact name or open an email and Storeye will load exactly the information you need.

  • Edit customer information.

  • View order information for the current email contact. This information includes complete, open and cancelled orders.

  • Add a note to each order.

  • View abandoned checkouts for the current email contact.

  • Have a customer snapshot with valuable information summary: how much money they have spent in your store or how much they have cancelled or abandoned.

  • Search for a particular customer by name, email or domain name.

With Storeye in Gmail, store managers can get the complete picture from their Shopify store, thus perform an informed and effective sales and customer service operation.

Getbetterfitness posted 9 months ago

Hello, I am disappointed the chrome extension doe's not work whenever it sends me to the Google shop to find the extension it doesn't show up. And I do not see the app in my Gmail.

Zoob Gear Shop posted a year ago

So far seems great! I was looking for an easy way to show customer data on our company gmail and this works very well. (If you guys would consider adding links to the products on every order it'd be super helpfull as well for customer service)