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Who can use StockPulse?

Managing over 1000s of variants under various brands and types is no easy task. Most of the store owners face these issues on a regular basis:

  • Too many variants and lose track of what is actually in the inventory under various brands.

  • Stock-out of other products, resulting in backorders, lost sales, and dissatisfied customers.

  • Too much stock of some products, which leads to excess inventory that ties up working capital and profitability.
  • If Shopify manages and tracks inventory for your store and you find it increasingly hard to track it manually, StockPulse can help.

    How does StockPulse help you?

    StockPulse displays the quantity of every item in your inventory at a glance using a heat map.

    As a store owner, you need to be always aware of your inventory at these four levels:

    1. Maximum Level

    2. Average Level

    3. Minimum Level

    4. Danger Level

    StockPulse allows you to input these values and then displays the heat map of your inventory accordingly.

    With StockPulse you can group and identify all the items that you need to order from a particular supplier, thereby, making your ordering process more efficient. This can help you to make the right purchase order at the right time before the inventory reaches dangerous stock levels.

    About StockHQ

    StockHQ has created StockPulse to help Shopify store owners identify products that are important for their revenue and assists in maintaining an optimal inventory balance.