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Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager
Free – $6.99 / month
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Shopify Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager is Shopify app that lets the user manage their product in a different manner using Excel-like interface. This type of data entry is fast and gives clear data view to user.

All data altering means are concentrated on single screen.

All changes are submitted in background and are front-end effective after few seconds.

Features in general

  • Fast product management / import / export

  • Best and easiest metafield editing tool. You can choose HTML or simple editor for each metafield column. Also you can import and export them.

  • Add/Edit/Delete products

  • Add/Edit/Delete product variants

  • Edit any property of product or variant

  • Apply Bulk discount

  • Mass update price

  • Edit product and variant metafields

  • Export to XLSX or CSV

  • Import from XLSX or CSV. Working with .csv can sometimes be tricky especially if there is complex data in cells like HTML. Having ability to work with .xlsx that guaranties data integrity is huge advantage. Import is intelligent and it is able to recognize many different import data formats.

  • Drag-down cell value set!

  • Apply mass actions to filtered set of products

Operations like adding product to collection or editing metafields for product or variant are significantly easier​ using this type of data entry.

Shopify Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager is Shopify APP that gives the best interface for edit of product or variant metafields.

Metafields are important for shops that sell products that have more that 3 properties like mobile phones.

In this type of interface you can edit multiple product properties fast having clear view of property data.

Shopify Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager offers filter by any product parameter.

Filtered products can be mass processed : prices updated by % or value or deleted.

Import and export CSV or XLSX (Excel) formats options are also available.

Shopify Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager spreadsheet GUI supports:

  • column resizing

  • column reorder

  • column hiding

  • frozen columns

  • data sorting

In the right side of you there is the panel with filtering options. By default basic properties are listed.

To add / remove filtering properties click on “Chose filters...” in top-right corner. there you can specify which filters you need.

Filter by meta-fields is also available.

There are few types of filter fields. Some are simple text, some are drop-downs and ones corresponding to numeric properties will have option of using comparison operators.

For example, you can type "> 100" to display variants with price greater than 100 , or for id you can type > 8456512441 to list you only newer products.

You can filter some set of product or leave filters empty to view all and then apply mass price update to that set of products. Go to Options -> Mass update. there you can specify Price and Compare at price updating
value. Value can be % or amount.

Holest Engineering​ has versions of this application for other e-commerce platforms. You can export data from other platform using corresponding component version then import it to Shopify. You just need slight data adaptation to prepare it for Shopify.

Watch 12.5 min demonstration video here

Crowdcontrolwarehouse posted 5 months ago

Saved as a lot of time editing products, precise synchronization and easy to edit metadata.

Kirudansk posted 9 months ago

Fast support, and insane app. Super useful, have saved us countless amount of hours. Awesome how fast it is to change prices, add pictures and import products.

Bowtiehouse Ua posted 10 months ago

I rent this app for import and export products with xls and csv files.
Unfortunately, this app does not work for import. I tried to contact with support but they did nothing. I just spend one day for preparing file for import and $6.99

Rockwellnutrition posted 10 months ago

Very helpful app. Very good support. Thank you!

Bestpysanky posted a year ago

Must-have app! Extremly useful

Teknocatz posted a year ago

Truly exceptionnal app and very well thought. Thanks a lot!

Picsia Clothing And More posted a year ago

This is, by far, the most useful app in the app store!
It helps in time consuming tasks like restore quantities, modify sale prices, edit SEO titles and descriptions, gives an overall view of your inventory and, most important, gives the ability to work with the catalog data to use them for other uses like listing on other marketplaces and so on...

Bliss Gardens posted a year ago

This kind of functionality should be in every site! Finally I can mass update my products without limitations. Great app well worth the price

Pure Hearts International posted a year ago

This looks like a pretty cool app. :)

Customdrones11 posted a year ago

Finally found what I need. I have electronic parts with many properties I need to enter as metafields. I tried other apps for editing metafields but with them I need hours and hours to do what I can do in 10 min with this app. Having metafields in spreadsheet is my way of logical thinking and I'm glad I found thing that is resemblance of my natural point of view.

Also support is really great. I got answers in 10 min. I suggested a feature and they told they will add it. I feel bit ashamed :) .