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Spin-a-Sale - Interactive Email Popup
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Spin-a-Sale completely reinvents the standard subscriber pop-up and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. Dramatically grow your email list, generate more sales and increase your conversion rates to levels you've never seen before.

How does it work?

The Spin-a-Sale overlay displays a special prize wheel for visitors that you can fully configure. When visitors enter their email address, the prize wheel spins and they win a random discount. Spin-a-Sale can be fully customized so you can specify the exact discounts you'd like to provide customers and how often each discount is provided.

Spin-a-Sale subscribers are more likely to use their coupon code since the discount is won instead of simply handed out in exchange for their email address.


Check out: for a live demo.

But be warned, once you've tried Spin-a-Sale you may never be able to go back to your boring, old pop-up again. Note: The Spin-a-Sale demo pop-up will appear immediately but you can configure it to display on exit intent or after a timed delay instead. The demo will also continue to display even if you subscribe but the live version won't show to existing Spin-a-Sale subscribers.


Full Customization

Spin-a-Sale gives you full control over all text and colors so you can brand it to match your website. You can also add your company's logo for additional branding. Specify the exact prizes your subscribers can win and easily change the probability setting to control how frequently each prize is awarded to subscribers.

CSS Control

Need advanced CSS control? We've got you covered with our custom css feature so the design customization is endless.

Advanced Cheat Protection

Don't want the same subscriber getting multiple prizes? Deter cheaters by limiting subscribers to one prize with the Advanced Cheat Protection feature. While most subscribers are savvy enough to know how to delete browser cookies, our Advanced Cheat Protection feature logs your visitors IP address giving you the most foolproof deterrent possible.

Desktop and Mobile Exit Intent

Target visitors that appear to be leaving your website with exit intent triggers. Our exit intent technology even works on mobile devices by detecting scrolling. You can also display the Spin-a-Sale pop-up when visitors are browsing through your website with a timed delay instead.

Fully Responsive

Spin-a-Sale is fully responsive so it looks and works great on every desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We've meticulously tested Spin-a-Sale on dozens of devices so you can rest assured it will work for every visitor.

Full Google Mobile Compliance

Google recently introduced changes that penalizes most popups that display on mobile devices. But not Spin-a-Sale! It's one of the few Shopify pop-ups that is fully compliant with Google's 2017 mobile pop-up policy.
Don't risk taking a hit in your Google search rankings with another pop-up, Spin-a-Sale has you fully covered.

Advanced Analytics

Get advanced insights into exactly how many times Spin-a-Sale is displaying on your website and how many subscribers it's grabbing. Specify the date range for your stats and A/B test different configurations to maximize your conversion rate.

Automated MailChimp Integration

Automatically add your new subscribers to your MailChimp list.
You can also capture your subscribers winning discount so that you can automatically email the code to them just in case they forget.

Shopify Customer List Integration

Automatically add your subscribers as customers in your Shopify customer list. This can be used to automatically add your subscribers to your email list if your email newsletter service is synced to your Shopify customer list.

Plans and Full Feature List

Basic - Free

  • Customize Winning and Losing Slices

  • Adjust Text and Colors

  • Adjust Delay Trigger

Pro - $9.99/month

  • Customize Winning and Losing Slices

  • Adjust Text and Colors

  • Adjust Delay trigger

  • Desktop Exit Intent

  • Mobile Exit Intent

  • Add Your Logo

  • Automated MailChimp Integration

  • Automated Shopify Customer List Integration

  • Advanced Cheat Protection

  • Google Mobile Compliance

  • Adjust Winning Probability

  • Adjust Frequency that Spin-a-Sale Reappears

  • Custom CSS
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    Pets R Life posted a year ago

    I love this app. Looks great on a desktop as well as on a Mobile. I even do test emails just to watch it spin and see what it lands on. haha

    Ivory Gem posted a year ago

    Very effective app! We captured triple the emails we usually do within one day!

    Vrkm posted a year ago

    Pretty good app that's getting tons of Mail the first day of installation

    Unbreakable Merch posted a year ago

    Awesome!!!!! Got so many emails from this app. Actually like the design better than the other spin app. Thank you! :-)

    Elite Athletic Gear posted a year ago

    Excellent app and excellent support. Incredibly fast support with questions and issues. The app performs great and has increased our email sign ups by 3x.

    Froggy Mods posted a year ago


    Sneaker Oven posted a year ago


    Touring Teddies posted a year ago

    Beary awesome!! Instead of the classic (and somewhat annoying) pop-up, we can now welcome visitors in a fun and interactive way. ☺

    Pure Hearts International posted a year ago

    Looks professional and extremely well designed. Haven't used yet.

    Ibluestore posted a year ago

    Good news. easy to configure go crazy customers to try the wheel of fortune