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SmartStreet - Address Verification
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The Best Shopify Address Verification App

SmartStreet is a smart app that is used to validate and standardize USPS & International shipping addresses. It ensures deliveries are made on time - and to the right place.

It is common for mistakes to be made in the recording of addresses when shipping orders are placed. This normally leads to returns and double shipping costs. The app is designed to avoid such situations.

So how does it work?

Auto-complete: This feature auto-populates cities, states, and zip codes, as customers are typing their shipping address. This helps reduce the number of necessary keystrokes by up to 80%, making the checkout process faster, and also increasing conversion rates. The address suggestion list is powered by Google; a very comprehensive search engine.

Address-verification: This validates the shipping address entered by customers by comparing against post office databases during checkout, without slowing the process. It then auto-corrects the address if necessary. Where an address is not found, the shop owner is automatically notified, giving them the facility to display a warning, or to send a reminder email to a customer asking them to confirm their address. It is the perfect tool for online shop owners.

Live Demo

You can challenge our verification system by entering any USPS or International address to our site, or see it in action on a live shop: USB Holic.

Trusted by 100+ Shopify Plus Businesses - 10+ Million Orders Processed

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The benefits for shop owners - and their customers too

SmartStreet makes sure that USPS and International addresses are valid and complete before orders are dispatched. Sometimes customers who use delivery services make errors in recording and noting down their addresses. If an address cannot be validated, you have to contact the respective customer, so that they can correct it.

Reduces returns and avoids double shipping costs

Reduced instances of sales returns will save on your shipping budget. You will, in turn, cut down on losses. Take care of your customers' deliveries with this smart app. Improve the efficiency, consistency, and credibility of your shipping process. You will attract more customers, make more profit - and your business will thrive!

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Sendapackage Llc posted a year ago

Great tool for Shopify users.

Vacation Home Amenities posted a year ago

This has been a great app so far. I had a few instances where a customer did not put in a deliverable address at check out and it was a real headache trying to correct. I knew I needed to do something to keep this from happening so I installed the SmartStreet app. It is easy to install and works like a charm - highly recommend!

Live By Design Online posted a year ago

Great app and thanks for the prompt customer service!

Lizzyjames posted a year ago

works well so far, quick install, responsive support, definitely recommended!

Igift posted a year ago

Works very well. We are pleased.

Note Fragrances posted a year ago

Great support! Fast and easy!

Spotongear Com posted a year ago

The app is working smoothly and looks great!
Also support replied fast and helped me set it up quickly.

Belle Valoure posted a year ago


Xoxorose posted a year ago

Fantastic service and app! Responded to my question within 2 mins and installed the code for me within minutes!
I recommend this app to all ecommerce sites.

Artistically Invited posted a year ago

I really like this app. The predictive address feature is so professional looking. The address verification is a must have. No more Google research when you know an address the customer provided is wrong. This really helps. I highly recommend this app for shops that want to look more professional. Thank you so much!!