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Smart Meta Fields

Want to add more fields than just the title and description for your product?

The answer is Smart Meta Fields app

How to Install and perform desire task?

Login to Your Store as Admin - Search for "Smart Meta Field " Application in Shopify App Store

Click on "Get" button and confirm your Store URL - Click on "Login" button to install app on to your Store's back end

Go through the permissions - Click on " Install App"

There you go!! you are ready to use Smart Meta Field App

Note :- If your store product page HTML does not have class name =Product-meta-fields-info in "product.liquid" template then go through bellow instruction to get Smart meta field functionality

Step 1: Go to Online Store/Themes.

Step 2: Click on "Edit HTML/CSS"

Step 3: Search "product.liquid"

Step 4: After that add this code on "product.liquid" file after product description


  • The Smart Meta Fields app is the app for shopify store owner which allows you to add extra descriptions for any product.

  • Now with this app you can enhance your store user's experience by adding extra information related to the products.

  • You can also customize meta fields as per the requirement.

  • You can add as many extra meta fields as you want for product description.

For example,

If you want to sell women’s dress on shopify store and you want to add three extra fields to the product detail page which could be

  • Measurements of the dress,

  • Material of the dress

  • Size of the dress

Then to add this important extra information, your best option is to install our new app “Smart Meta Fields”

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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Azaleeluxury Com posted 9 months ago

Great app! Very easy to add custom fields.

Allicity posted a year ago

These guys are AMAZING!!! , so I had an issue with the way the additions were being displayed. I emailed them and they contacted me asap. They got on my theme and within 24 hours they fixed the issue and was always in contact with me. I can't say enough about these guys, THANKS AGAIN you guys ROCK

Elbilgrossisten posted a year ago

We use the app to add additional information to the product page and the developer helped us quickly with installation and placement.

We definitely recommend them.