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Google Shopping, Bing Shopping & Facebook Ads Product Feed
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PLEASE NOTE: Due too very high demand, it might take up-to 12 hours before you get your first feed.

This app simply creates a fully fledged Google Shopping product feed to be used in Google Shopping or other platforms requiring a feed.

After installing the app you will receive an e-mail (within 15-30 minutes for less than 10,000 products) with the feed URL. The feed is then updated every day.

There is no complicated set up, the feed will be fully compatible with Google Shopping and Bing Ads. It just works.

Some of the unique features

  • We will include all variants in the feed and not only the main product. Each variation by color, size, material, etc will be included with Google Shopping. Each variant gets its own image too.
  • You will never advertise on products which cannot be ordered. Out of stock products will be tagged correctly even with continue/deny inventory policy.
  • Titles will be extended with options, like color and size. This will ensure that the correct product variation is shown within Google Shopping. Also each variation will get a unique image.
  • Load data from Google Shopping App. (contact support for that)
  • You can exclude products by word, if Google forbids the product or by category. (contact support for that)
  • If your products are missing GTIN numbers (EAN, ISBN, UPC), we will generate a unique number for each product so it will get accepted by Google Merchant. (contact support for that)
  • Free extra services around this app

    Sometimes you need to have something extra done with the feed. Just contact our support team and we might be able to manually make the changes for you.

    Below some of the often requested changes.

    • Putting each product variation into the correct Google taxonomy. Here we can change google_product_category-field based on category, product type or a tag.
    • Excluding products by words in title or description. This is useful when a product is violating some Google policies.
    • Only including one category instead of all products.
    • Use the second image – often requested by fashion website to not show the model but the product.
    • Use data from the Google Shopping App by Shopify. This way both Apps can run at the same time and change prodict categories in Shopping App which will be read by our App.
    • Use SEO titles and meta descriptions as product title and description.
    • Things to keep in mind

      • Out of stock products will be included in the feed with the correct status, so they are not shown in Google Shopping.
      • You can always go back by using your previous feed (url) and removing this url.
      • The size of the feeds is limited to 50,000 products.
      • Pricing

        • This app will remain free (at least) until 1 July 2017.
        • When the app goes paid, the price will be $1 for each 1000 products. This is 10-20 times cheaper than the competitors.
        • You will get great support! We will try to fix any problem you have with Google Merchant. You will get extra statistics about sales within the feed for better Shopping Management - see Focus on 10% of your products which make 75% of your revenue.
        • How to setup the feed?

          Which situation applies to you?

          • You are already using a feed for your Google Shopping: see
          • You are not using Google Shopping yet or you are using a non-feed setup: see
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            Petcoddle posted a year ago

            Not just the best support but also the fastest. If you are targeting at more than one countries in google merchant account. This app will be able to do for you.

            Moneygal posted a year ago

            The feed was ready almost immediately. Needed a little tweak on mine and the customer service was amazingly fast and friendly. Would definitely recommend!

            Walkbyanatdahari posted a year ago

            Excellent support team - quick, responsive and very helpful. Works like a charm.

            Ca Fydgit posted a year ago

            Great app and excellent support. The app is very useful when you have different stores for different countries and currencies and you can definetly rely on the support for any troubleshooting you might have!

            Lavender Hill Clothing posted a year ago

            Great app and really good customer service!

            Sugarcookiesnyc posted a year ago

            Excellent app for uploading your products for Google Shopping. Simple and efficient while giving you the option of making adjustments directly in Google Merchant Services if needed.
            If you get stuck, or need assistance the support is impeccable. We highly recommend this app for Google Shopping!

            Ocha Co posted a year ago

            Great App. This just works!! I spent all morning trying to create the feed myself then I spent all afternoon trying out find an app that allowed me to edit the feed information. I told Dennis what I required, he did it and the feed integrated without a hitch. Thanks

            Plotterlab posted a year ago

            Excellent App :)
            Just need to install it in your store and you have automatically you feed online.


            Thisandthat4kids posted a year ago

            Great app!!! I needed to show color in the feed so Dennis adjusted it and extracted the colors from the titles and added them as color-tag in the feed. He was very helpful and answered all my questions before I even installed the app. Thank you so much!

            Charm Bliss posted a year ago

            Great app! Does what is says. I needed to remove a field from the feed that was generated and Dennis removed it for me within just a couple of hours. Amazing support for a free app!