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Design and run your campaigns in minutes

Choose from 20 beautiful premade templates: show popups and promotions, capture emails, get followers and motivate users to buy more.

#1 Shopify app for running campaigns

  • Welcome new customers in a beautiful top bar.

  • Collect email addresses using subscription form in the top bar.

  • Show subscription popup and gather more email addresses.

  • Display important announcements in the top bar: free shipping on $100+ orders, sales, or working hours, etc.

  • Get more followers on social media by offering coupons. We already support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, G+, Pinterest, Instagram.

  • Run limited time offers with the countdown timer.

  • Motivate customers to buy more by offering discounts based on the cart total amount, e.g.: Give 20% off when customers add 100$ to their cart.

  • Promote new arrivals, sales and offers in a beautiful popup with an coupon code to immediately convert your visitors to customers.

Show campaigns with your own rules!

Exit-intent Technology: display campaigns when a customer is going to leave your site.

Location Based Targeting: show campaigns to users from a specific country or city.

User Behavior: we detect customers and show them personalized campaigns, e.g welcome new visitors, if they add an item to their cart then offer free shipping for $100+ orders, if they are going to leave your site then offer a sweet coupon code to complete their checkout.

Platform Based Targeting: show personalized campaigns based on your visitors device, e.g. display this campaign to users on iPhone: “Check out new iPhone case in our collection”.

Simple pricing is free to use as long as you want, includes everything to run your campaigns right now. Unlock premium features and go without our branding for only $9 per month.

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Bare Skin By Dr Bollmann posted a year ago

Great app. Olaf is always available for questions.

Siliconesexdolls posted 2 years ago

Amazing beautiful app.
I have tried many similar apps and had some trouble with mailchimp integration, or it was difficult to setup.
The options, features, and aesthetics of it all is very worth the subscription.
If you are looking for simply functioning yet non compromising with aesthetics and flexible options, look no further this is the app for you.

Inspiring Wave posted 2 years ago

Great App!
The best thing in the app is the quick service from the support team :)

Zasttra Com posted 2 years ago

This is a great app to target customers based on their behavior on your site, where they come from, what page they are on, etc and re-target them BEFORE they leave your site. And at the most reasonable price ever for a behavioral targeting app. Well Done!

Plus the support for this app is spot on and very very responsive to emails.

We give this an A++

Highly recommended for all stores.

Basketbox posted 2 years ago

Love this app. It's so simple to setup and use. Plus it has many features wrapped into one application. Rarely do you get that. I like that you can create different campaigns such as a promotion bar at the top of your website, a social media discount, a newsletter popup and a special offer for a coupon all in one easy process. The support is really good. They answered my questions quickly and are very receptive to suggestions.