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marketing app designed to turn your online shop/store to a
money-making machine

The chiefest part
of being an effective eCommerce marketer is knowing
your customers’ demands and preferences, and their
ways of thinking. This can tremendously help you to run an
extra focused strategy based on their preferences and, get
more profit as a result. Preparing an amazing content
material for your eCommerce marketing, can be really
demanding. Most especially when you have no idea why it
would seem interesting to your customers, too. This is
where Salesify comes to the picture.

trust on your brand and increase customer engagement

Having trouble
generating sales for your store? Can’t get people to sign up
for your products and services in your store? Salesify is the
perfect solution!

From the
data gathered, we develop a proven strategy to
double-boost sales on your online store. Also, it is a platform of
smart promotional apps that can be integrated to your
webpages to follow your visitors once they step on your store
and progressively drive them down the conversion funnel,
and then convert them into loyal customers for you. Salesify app is created to increase your conversion rates and
online sales in a personalized manner.

As for new stores
which are still growing traffic and sales, you can create custom
notifications to build the atmosphere of a busy store - a little
growth-hack trick you can apply at the initial stage of customers

key features include:

Personalization and location tracking

Personalization is
an essential part of ecommerce strategy and partnering with Salesify permits us to craft a beautiful customized shopping experience
across all the touch points.

Salesify helps
marketers maximize their revenue by personalizing each
and every customer interaction across the website and also
show content based on their locations. Our innovative customer
segmentation engine uses machine learning to create actionable
customer sections in real time, enabling marketers to
take immediate response via personalization content and
real-time messaging.


- It is FREE way to
boost your sales.

- Responsive on
mobiles as well as desktop.

- Single click

- Customizable
themes and effects.

- Built to go handy
with most of the UI designs.

- They showcase

- They inspire trust

- They generate