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From $14.00 / month
5$ off on professional plan for each month

RocketAmp automatically speeds up your site by up to 4x for mobile customers and intelligently stays up to date as you add or change your products making it simple to set up and virtually maintenance free!

    Why you need RocketAmp

  • 40% of customer will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 90% of AMP Publishers are seeing higher click-through rates with AMP
  • 30% of all online shopping purchases now happen on mobile phones
  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with site performance say they're less likely to purchase from the same site again.
  • Stay competitive with major retailers already using AMP like ebay, fandango, 1-800-flowers, and more.
  • We automatically integrate your site with AMP and work with Google get your site indexed and noticed by customers.
  • RocketAmp ensures that the YOUR site is the URL on record, so you keep all of your SEO intact.
  • RocketAmp is the ONLY Shopify app to integrate Google's Accelerated Mobile technology.

  • Statistics Source: Google Study

    What is AMP?

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a technology developed by Google that makes webpages load faster. RocketAmp creates this special lightweight version of your product and collection pages so your site is sent faster, arrives quicker, and renders instantly on your customers phone or tablet.

    RocketAmp does the hard work so you can focus on your business, and we'll take care of mobile performance. With just a few clicks AMP can giving your customers instant access to your products and collection pages.

    RocketAmp will

    ★ Increase your visibility in Search:
    AMP pages have a special lightening bolt icon (see the screenshots) that differentiate your products in Google search, making your page stand out.

    ★ Drive Conversion:
    We make sure that your customers quickly discover the products on your site meaning less time waiting and a faster time to purchase.

    ★ Automatically handle new and updated pages:
    All of your products and collections load instantly, without you needing to lift a finger.

    ★Keep your site beautiful:
    We give you control over fonts and colors to help match your regular theme. (Note, full theme integration is not yet available)

    ★ Use a light touch:
    Our service adds a minimal amount of code necessary to make sure that your user’s device uses your AMP optimized page.

    ★ Integrate with the apps you already use:
    RocketAmp already integrates with multiple third party apps on Shopify and if yours isn't on the list, we can work with you to get it added.

    ★ Stay Social:
    RocketAmp can already handle image and social functionality like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We’re constantly building out functionality to add more optimized rich media like video, as well as tracking, analytics, and more.

    Need More?

    Have more than 10,000 Page Views per month? Need a custom integration? Check out more details about all of our pricing plans at

    We're constantly developing new features and are happy to help you customize AMP with your site to give your customers the best, fastest, experience. If you need something special or have a question just send a note to

    What about SEO?

    Google has already started promoting certain sites that use AMP in their search results (just look for the lightning bolt icon). Starting with news sites, sites participating in AMP receive special treatment that allow users to know the site is AMP enabled through the user of an AMP icon. Already, 90% of publishers that have adopted AMP have seen higher click throughs to their sites. While AMP hasn’t been used to change search rankings, Google has been careful about how they word their answers but has indicated that product pages are in its future.

    To make sure that you never lose your SEO, we use canonical links so that all attribution goes back to your website as well as allowing links back to your full site from AMP pages.

    Get your customers from search to browse to buy with lightning speed using RocketAmp.

    For more information, see our FAQ here:

    Thekewlshop posted 9 months ago

    I only have accolades for this App and its support which is superlative. Sure there was some fine-tuning needed, but this is an AMP implementation after all, and it couldn't have been easier. Anthony and his team are hands-on, responsive and knowledgeable.

    Now I'm excited to be on AMP, the first of my competitor pack, and amazed to see the results coming through so fast! I can only recommend using RocketAmp and think any e-commerce store not seriously contemplating AMP is missing an opportunity.

    Pix Gifts posted a year ago

    Great Search Engine Optimization App! Fire Sale Approved!

    Pavlok posted a year ago

    This has worked out fantastically for us on and we've seen hundreds of users every day finding our AMP links in google results and massive increases in conversion rates from the traffic. All in all, basically no complaints, easy setup, fantastic support and most importantly it's been easy to integrate into Adwords, submit to Google for organic search and just get that lift from AMP pages that everyone wants to see.

    RocketAmp also was the first company to figure out Google Analytics for AMP and with a few tweaks to the referral exclusion list in GA you can track source data and ecommerce data and it's all nice and clean. What more could you ask for?? Thanks RocketAmp!!@

    Yourturnkeystore 243 posted a year ago

    This app does what it claims. I find I very easy to use and would recommend it for all. It does with a cost. I hope it will pay off in the long run.

    Agm Worldwide posted a year ago

    Great app. Easy to use, and does the job!
    Our website:

    Sharifahtrd posted 2 years ago

    The speed in obvious using mobile phones. awesome app. Hope to explore more and the customer service is awesome!!

    Vinyl Record Art Nz posted 2 years ago

    So far so good, Simple install and instant speed. Worth a try