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Customer Reorder
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Can your customers easily reorder in your shop? Our App uses a Auto-Installer that detects your Theme and seamlessly adds ReOrder to your Shop in a matter of seconds! Should it not be for you - we also have an equally seamless Uninstall - although we are confident you will love it!

Key Features Include:

☛ 100% FREE - so give it a go!

☛ Enhance Account page with an Order Summary & Re-Order Options

☛ Compatible with almost every Shopify Theme

☛ Auto-Styles to your Theme's Font's & Colors.

☛ Fast 'No Coding' Installation

☛ Includes a Re-Order button within each Order page.

How does ReOrder help your Customers?

If you have a shop where the product's you sell will be ordered on an ongoing basis by your customers - then why not make that easy for them! That is where ReOrder comes in - it add's direct reordering functionality to your customer's Order Details page within their Account. So when they wish to place another identical order with you - they simply press the "ReOrder" button on their specific order and ReOrder will automatically add the order items to a new sale and take them to the Checkout - Easy!

    Direct benefits to Customers include:
  • No more adding items one-by-one each time a customer wants to reorder with you.

  • Offer an alternative for those customers who don’t want to enter into the commitment of a recurring order – if you are using those Apps on your shop.

How does ReOrder help you as the Shop owner?

People are more impatient than ever and expect everything to be easy - so why not make it so?! Making the process of Re-Ordering available to your customers via an enhanced account area means it is a fast & convenient action for them to take. This will result in more frequent sales and in turn increase your customer retention.

Is Re-Order for you?

Do you have customer’s who place similar or identical orders with you on an ongoing basis? If not, do you want to? If either of those answers was Yes - then Re-Order is for you!

Give you Customers the flexibility to easily reorder all the items from one of their existing orders with a Single Click - No add more adding items one-by-one each time they want to reorder with you.

Works with Almost every Shopify Theme - Free & Premium!

We have tested and customized our Auto-Installer for almost every Theme on the Shopify Theme Store. Make sure you check out our Theme Compatibility List to see if your Theme is on our list - if not, just tell us - we will add it for free!

Top Notch Support!

MEKU Apps (creators of Customer Re-Order) take customer service very seriously. 

For any and all general inquiries you can visit our Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP (within 3 business days as a maximum - but generally much quicker).

We have this great Help Center - which we constantly update with any questions we receive from Customers.

For our customers (and for anyone installing our App) we have a direct Chat within our App. Although we are not always there to man the post given we are in Australia - we will always get back to you quickly to answer your question or help you in any way we can.

Menos Canada posted a year ago

This app is a nobrainer. Install it!

Nebraskabison posted a year ago

Holy Cow! This is awesome. Installation was a breeze. I literally think I had to hit one button. Went in and checked it on my store - because surely this had to be good to be true, but looks great. And it's Free! Anxious to see how this works for my customers. Glad to have happened upon it!

Sin Chew Optics posted a year ago

Easy installation and very useful. Makes life easy for customers. Thanks for the app.

Candle Moments posted 2 years ago

Great app! Really helps my customers when they can't remember the names of products they loved and want to order again. Works like a charm.

Powder Coat Store posted 2 years ago

Fantastic app that works perfectly and simply!

Abspure posted 2 years ago

I love the way this can be customised to match your site's colours.
A great app!

Penningtonsconfectionery posted 2 years ago

For free we can now offer our customers the ability to re-order at the click of a button!

Easy to install and customise, no problems with it!

Organic Bloom Max posted 2 years ago

Great app!

Advantagesupplements Com posted 2 years ago

Easy to install and customize. Best of all, it's free. Great if you sell products that people buy on a regular basis.

Elements For Life posted 2 years ago

Just the app I've been wanting to make re-ordering a breeze. Installation took seconds, customising to my theme with no further settings needed. And its free! Can't ask for more!