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Reamaze - Live Chat and Support Helpdesk
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Keeps You Focused

Selling things, whether online or offline is tough business. Therefore it’s even more important to stay connected to your customer as efficiently as possible.

Connected to Shopify

See customers' order info, fulfillment and refund info, refund and cancellation processing, tracking info, draft order creations, and Messenger integration within conversations will turn you into a customer service superstar and help keep you focused on what's important - selling.

Full Multi-Channel Presence

Reamaze allows you to bring in your emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS/MMS accounts, and website conversations into one shared team inbox so you can interact with customers no matter where they are.

Chat and Engage

Easily add chat support to your site/store with Reamaze.js to engage with customers. No coding knowledge required if using Reamaze's Embed Builder! Reamaze also offers SEO-friendly script loading!

Leverage powerful rules and conditions to message your online customers Live with call-to-action prompts and coupons with Reamaze Cues.


Reamaze handles the complexity of sending your replies to the right social network profile, phone number, or email address.

Whether it’s a request for a different colored mug via email or a tweet about a late shipment, you can relax knowing you can reply to both in a unified dashboard designed to alleviate customer pains.

Deliver Amazing Service Anywhere

Use Reamaze on iOS and Android with SMS/MMS support out of the box. See

Built-In CRM

Manage customer conversation histories, profiles, and relevant data within the Reamaze dashboard. Use Reamaze's powerful API for advanced data functionality.

Beautifully designed

We believe awesome customer service is an extension of your ability to strike up meaningful conversations. Everything in Reamaze is designed to reflect this simple concept.

We don’t dwell in meaningless features like ticket numbers or customer logins. Instead, we focus on designing a product that is intuitive and simple not only for you but also for your customers.


  • Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram support

  • SMS and MMS support

  • Integrated Chat

  • Message and engage your online customers with Reamaze Cues

  • Public sites

  • Free built-in external and internal knowledge bases

  • Multi-brand and Multi-store management

  • Simple CRM and contact management

  • Team collaboration and staff notes

  • Conversation events tracking

  • Automated workflows

  • Robust and flexible notifications
  • Customizable email templates

  • Automatic collision detection

  • Customizable notifications, tags, and filters

  • Response templates

  • Conversation permalinks

  • Autoresponders

  • Roles and permissions

  • Volume, response time, and staff reports

  • JavaScript integrations with plug-and-play widget builder

  • Works on mobile devices. iOS and Android mobile apps available.
  • Shopify Integration

    • Show all orders

    • Page through customer orders

    • Show items purchased

    • Show fulfillments and refunds

    • Show order status

    • Process cancellations and refunds

    • Show contact information

    • Merge contact information

    • Facebook Messenger integration

    • Draft orders

    • And more...
    • Interested? Checkout our Knowledge Base

Zasttra Com posted a year ago

The best support app we have used. Very easy to setup and packed with features. Highly recommended.

Beach Diva posted a year ago

Awesome app and very easy to use.

Tredyu posted a year ago

Prompt response and speedy solutions! Thank you so much for assisting us to our small problem. Kudos to your team!

Thermikusa posted a year ago

Nobody enjoys customer service. When I want to bang out CS in the morning I just want to see a list of messages and easy workflow to watch them disappear. This does it perfectly. Especially if you have multiple shopify stores, sell on other ecom channels, or CS coming in from multiple sources, this is the CRM for you. And development is all over it, squashing bugs like housewife holding two cans of RAID. Get it now before they start pricing for value.

The Christmas Light Emporium posted a year ago

We are huge fans of Reamaze. The functionality, implementation and extremely knowledgeable, helpful and fast support team are absolutely an amazing combination. Reamaze is by far the most valuable tool we use on a daily basis.

Randysalars posted a year ago

Awesome tool for customer service; let's you create templated responses you can click on for frequently asked questions or problems and has a workflow for when things get busy. Well worth it!

Gearbuyz posted 2 years ago

Was a good app but i decided to go with something else.

Bedface Ca posted 2 years ago

Love using the App so far -- have received feedback from customers who really like the look and having our Customer Rep photos appearing at the top of the conversation. The support is really responsive and have addressed all of my questions/concerns.

The best part for us by far (which no other help desk was able to offer) was the ability to have 4 different Shopify stores support consolidated to one Reamaze account. All Facebook, Twitter, and Support messages for each 4 domains come into one place. It's awesome.

Locobeauty posted 2 years ago

We should've used this app earlier. Setting up channel for each sales channel is very helpful. This app has almost everything for the customer service. Their support is awesome too. I want to give them 10 stars, if it's possible. Thank you for saving our time.

Desert Naturals posted 2 years ago

Loving this app -- we've used all the other help desk web apps on the market, and recently switched to Reamaze, and we're blown away. This is the app we've been looking for in terms of bringing everything together into a single app. No need to have your support staff logged into 3 different apps just to monitor support, chat and social media activity. Highly recommended.