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Products List Pro
$29.00 / month
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Products List Pro allows you to display all your products in a single table.
The list is fully-customizable: you can hide specific product details such as vendor, created/updated date, tags and so on.
You can turn on/off "Add to cart" button, and show/hide shopping cart widget.

After installing this app, a new page will become available to you at
You may change this URL to anything you want. This app does not modify your theme, pages or styles.


  • User-friendly UI

  • Products search

  • Pagination

  • Optional shopping cart widget

  • Ability to protect the products list with password

  • Show/hide 'Add to Cart' buttons

  • Show/hide specific product details: title, description, images, SKU, vendor, tags, product type,
    created/updated date, options, price, in stock quantity, etc.

  • Ability to display unpublished products

  • Easy to setup, no coding required

How this app could be used by your wholesale/repeat customers?

You may want to provide convenient way for your customers to place frequent and bulk orders.

With Products List Pro your customers will be able to view, search and purchase all of your products through one single page.

How this app could be used by your staff?

Let's assume that you would like to give your staff ability to see which products are in stock,
and probably - give them ability to create orders on customers behalf, but you don't want to give them access to your Shopify Dashboard.

You can achieve this with Products List Pro app!
Also you can hide the products list from non-staff users.
Just protect your products list with password and give this password to your staff members.

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