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ProductPro Better Dropshipping and Product Fulfillment :: US Products
Free – $15.00 / month
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The promo code can be used within the app on the account page

Welcome to Better Dropshipping

ProductPro connects your Shopify store with thousands of high-quality products from our trusted supplier network. Enjoy automated fulfillment, quick turnaround, great margins, and an extensive product selection.


What is the ProductPro Trusted Supplier Network?

All of our suppliers are vetted for quality products and verified fulfillment times.

Our transparent process gives you access to supplier information such as product line, shipping cost, margin potential, and fulfillment time. This way, you know exactly what to expect for your customers.

Have a question about a product? ProductPro offers in-app messaging with suppliers to ensure you and our suppliers are on the same page.

Current product categories:

  • Fashion Apparel

  • Custom Apparel

  • Jewelry

  • Home Goods

  • Consumer Electronics
  • What makes ProductPro different?

    ProductPro is not only different from other product sourcing apps, but better! Here's a shortlist of key features that set us apart.

  • Trusted Supplier Network. Providing a direct line of communication with every supplier allows you to trust you're offering only the best to your customers.

  • US-based Suppliers. Stop worrying about 10-21 day fulfillment and enjoy quick turnaround times with our US-based suppliers. Lower shipping costs and faster delivery to your end customer.

  • Great Margins. Part of our supplier vetting process includes making sure products have great margins for you. You'll find competitive manufacturer prices that give you the best opportunity to earn more profit.
  • Simple and Unrestricted Pricing

    Choose from one of our low-cost subscription plans, and never worry about order limits or product listing restrictions.


    Subscription plans run from $8 to $15 per month. Outside of the subscription plan, each product has a cost, and you will pay that amount plus shipping, which varies by product and will be listed on the app. Your profit is the difference between the price you set + your shipping fee and the product cost + shipping cost.

    With our great margins, selling 1 product can cover the cost of your subscription.

    We provide 100% automated order processing, billing, and fulfillment so you don't need to worry about paying for each purchase yourself.

    Enjoy the simplicity of our Shopify app that offers:

  • Automated fulfillment with quick turnaround (Same or next day shipping)

  • Simple product selection and management

  • Great margins

  • Automated payment processing

  • Sell for US-based or International merchants

  • Wide selection of products
  • How it works:

    Simply install this app into your Shopify store and fill out billing information and custom packing slip setitings. Next, select a subscription plan to begin adding products to your store. Select products you would like to add to your store. Before adding products, you can customize product title and description. Customization options are available for certain products as well. (Custom apparel, POD apparel, etc.)

    You will be shown a wholesale price, which is the price you pay for the product as well as our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and a Minimum Allowable Price (MAP) for some items. The MSRP is what we suggest the item is sold for on your site while the MAP is the minimum price we allow the item to be sold for.

    Once you add the item to your store, you can start marketing the product to your customers. When a product is purchased we will automatically and immediately fulfill the order for you and update your Shop with tracking information. We will charge the wholesale price plus shipping to the credit card that you have on file with us anytime one of our products is sold in your store.

    It is very simple, you pick out amazing products from our app and offer them to your customers, we handle the rest!

    The Fitness Foundry posted 4 months ago

    Great app and products all around.

    Tool Head posted 5 months ago

    Highly recommend. Good products and excellent customer service. 5/5

    Watch University posted 5 months ago

    Nice app . customer support helpful. will update after 1st sale

    The Quoteables posted 5 months ago

    Been looking for a printful replacement due to messed up orders and long shipping times. Like what I've seen so far from ProductPro. Custom apparel is good and gets to customers fast. Hope they add more apparel options soon

    Shopliftersbay posted 5 months ago

    The most pathetic app, worst app of Shopify store infact they should ban fraudsters like these, no support, nothing, pathetic products, no quality plus no variety at all, all they want is to eat up your 15$.

    All fake reviews, Shopify kindly ban this app ASAP !

    Aylagloves posted 5 months ago

    Being a brand new supplier to this app (Ayla Gloves-fingerless gloves made from bamboo) we are so looking forward to broadening our brand awareness and building our business with this app. It aligns with our values of providing quality goods made in North America. It is integrated with Shopify which is very convenient and the app itself is straightforward and easy to use. Best of all? Stellar customer service provided by Shaun and Chris.
    Come check us out!

    Grypshon posted 5 months ago

    Grypmat sells specialized high-friction tool mats to keep your tools in place. We were featured on Shark Tank in November and got tons of interest online. ProductPro has helped us expand our reach and we will continue to use them.

    Shopivyfig posted 5 months ago

    We added our products to there catalogue to help with inventory control on our end and so far it is SUPER easy to use and we have started seeing a few orders within 24 hours! The UI is impressive and the team really seems to know what they are doing. Customer service is steller!

    Workout King posted 5 months ago

    Really like this app better then some of the others like Oberlo. seems to have better quality products and I can actually communicate with the suppliers

    Swag My Phone posted 5 months ago

    Awesome App! Easy to use and connects with my Shopify like a charm! Loving the products !