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Shopify Product reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, as well as each other to encourage sales.

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  • Theme-friendly design: Reviews automatically match your store's look and feel

  • Easy customization: Edit layout options, text and colours without needing to code

  • Bulk actions: Publish, hide, filter, and manage reviews quickly and easily

  • CSV import and Export: Import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet

  • SEO-friendly review scores: Add review scores to your Google search results.

Fhoom posted a month ago

cool, works great so far! Check it out in action here!!

Rundle Woodworks posted a month ago

Thanks, works great so far! Check it out in action here!!

Endurelite posted a month ago

easy to use and worthwhile. Tried other review apps but this one is the best

Flavors Direct posted a month ago

After trying out a few review apps, Products Reviews has been the best for us. Check it out on our site if you want to see it in action.

Checkwayelectrotech Com posted a month ago

Not loading when clicking on products from search results. Contacted support but never gets a response.

Pimpmytea posted a month ago

It's a great app, just miss the key to add translate for multilingual site

Discgolfshopping posted a month ago

MUST MUST MUST!!! The only thing I would say ... is I customized mine to have it only on the left instead of the whole screen on the bottom. I'm not sure if that's something they can easily code into their app as I had to play around with putting the code in the right spot.

The most amazing thing about this app is when you look on see the product reviews and it makes your website look 10x more professional.

Musclephenom Sports posted a month ago

Great app!

Male Enhancement/Sports Nutrition/Weight Loss

In Stock at Amazon and Ebay.

Morimatea2 posted a month ago

It's a wonderful app for our tea shop.

Yaya Marias posted a month ago

Easy to install and works perfectly well. Great app. Highly recommended.