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Preferred Customer
From $2.99 / month
30 days free trial+ 20% off
You will get 30-days free trial+ 20% discount + 1 time free customization

80% of revenue comes from 20% of the customers, yet paying customers with registered accounts only get a simple account history page in most Shopify themes.
Preferred customer app gives merchants the ability to create their own stunning Customer programs to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Customer loyalty and customer engagement for their return customers.

How does it work?

Once you install the app, you will see the segmented breakdown of your customers. (see app screenshots) . Once you see and understand your return customer trends, you can plan your customer program. From the admin dashboard you can select the features that you need in your customer program. You only pay for the features that you use.
Choose the features that you need. You can select the features that you need from our list of features below:

  • Ratings and Feedback Ability to give Ratings and Feedback on your performance, from any page on your store, which you can respond to from shopify admin panel.

  • Personalized coupons Show your return customers personal coupons based on custom business rules that you set.

  • Rewards Points Give customers reward points which are redeemable as online store gift cards.

  • Notifications Give your customers notifications when they log and increase customer interaction.

  • Opinion Polls coming soon...

We also provide a preview mode, so that you can test drive the app in action, before your customers see it.

Configure the features that you need. You also get a One Time Free Customization of the UI. Once you are satisfied with your customer program you can turn ON your customer program with one click.

Now your customers will start seeing your customer program features on your online store. From within your online store, your customers can see give you feedback, give ratings, see notifications, access their rewards points , share with friends, get personal discount coupons and more.. Compare this with the plain old account page!

As the store admin, from the shopify admin panel, you can manage your return customer program, see your customer satisfaction data, respond to feedback and configure the various features.

If your store has other rewards or feedback apps installed?

You can choose the features that you want! You will only pay for features that you use. Turn off features that you do not need.

Can the UI be customized so that it matches the store theme?

We understand that individual shops have different needs and hence we provide a one time free UI customization to all stores. After installing the app, you will be contacted by within 48 hrs via email. They will take care of the UI customization for you.

Why is this an essential app?

  • Happy customers means a healthy business and with this app you can create your own stunning return customer programs to delight and retain your return customers

  • Return customers expect to be treated special, this app helps you to better treat your return customers, by creating customer programs that reward return customers and increase customer engagement.

  • Preferred Customer app helps in increasing customer satisfaction by giving loyal paying customers features like rewards points which are redeemable as store gift cards.

    You can also provide customized discount coupons to loyal customers to drive up sales and customer satisfaction

If you have any questions, simply contact us at and we will help you create your own customized solutions so that you can have your own unique Customer program.