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  • Between 84-100% of store sales from Buyable Pins came from new customers
  • Buyable pin sales came from products with mid-range pricing ($45-170)
  • Buyable pins boosted mobile sales by 10-20%
  • Buyable pins boosted traffic by 20-28%
    • More success stories for:

  • FlyAway BlueJay
  • shophearts
  • Modern Citizen
    • Learn more about Buyable Pins:

    With Buyable Pins you can sell products directly on Pinterest, and your customers can checkout without leaving Pinterest.

    Pinners can shop Buyable Pins on their iOS and Android mobile devices using the Pinterest App. Buyable Pins generate in search and can be saved for later, repinned and shared on boards same as Rich Pins, and are enabled for purchase.

    Learn how to start selling with Pinterest’s Buyable Pins using Shopify.


    • Easy: Setup directly on Shopify by connecting your Pinterest Business account

    • Save time: Changes to product listings sync to your Buyable Pins featured on Pinterest

    • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Pinterest are managed on Shopify

    • In app checkout: Increase sales conversion with fast checkout directly on Pinterest

    • Customize you collections: Only choose the products you’d like to feature on your Pinterest boards

    Amiro Trading posted a month ago

    i will give 0 star, it's not working at all, not even have any hiding board on pinterest

    Slash Price posted 2 months ago

    The APP is completely retarded. I don't care if its free, not only it doesn't do anything, it is clear that those who made it have ZERO idea of how traffic from social media is generated. Lets start by the fact that the Shopify part gives you ZERO control on what you can do, other than a few options regarding Sizes & colors (if you have those in your products). Which means they were too lazy to use the entire Pinterest API that has a ton of options and abilities to do a ton of stuff. What the app does, is utterly useless. It creates product sections instead of boards, based automatically to each collection. Second it bulk uploads the products creating a total mess. Third Pinterest's own organization backend is dumber than a pile of bricks. I can't believe these bozos have made a $25B company with such a crappy UI. I challenge you to test your nerves by TRYING to use their (Pinterest's) re-arrange / move feature without smashing your screen. Here's how the App ***SHOULD*** work (but it doesn't). Every time you add a product, or collection it should create a BOARD and put the products there. And if it finds existing products in the collections, it should sync them with Pinterest, and delete them every time they are deleted in Shopify. SIMPLE AS THAT !!! And it does anything BUT that, which essentially renders it 100% USELESS! Luckily for me, I was able to find an automation at Zapier that does this as close as possible, not perfect, but its better than nothing. Take notes Shopify devs! So in a nutshell, this connector is USELESS and sloppy made. Clearly the developers have not grasp of how automation tools work. Nor they bother to listen to the feedback and implement improvements fast. They just made this App to have an excuse that they support the Pinterest channel.
    I am going to use this instead, and see if it does the job. Surely it does more than NOTHING, so that's a start.

    Komracing Com posted 4 months ago

    Tried it and it didn’t do anything for me. It is essentially a gateway to get you to pay them for placement. Don’t get your hopes up without spending $$$.

    Coolfuel posted 4 months ago

    excellent app i love this so much

    Buytemplates posted 6 months ago

    This is a great idea. I get sales from people clicking Pinterest images and then coming to my website and checking out, but this allows the buyer to checkout on Pinterest website. Just wish they would allow for digital downloads with the buyable pins.

    Sauipe posted 7 months ago

    I wish I could give a -1 star. This is a horrible app. Don't waste your time. The errors don't make sense, I mapped my products to those options that Pinterest offers and it doesn't work.
    Shopify support also doesn't work and the person I spoke to was borderline rude and condescending.
    Bad app, bad support for this app.

    Paperinkgraphics posted 7 months ago

    We've been using the Pinterest App for quite some time and continue to be pleased with the performance and outcome. We receive numerous visits from interested buyers on Pinterest. The App works well, especially the synching with Shopify, and whenever we have questions or require further clarification, the support staff at Pinterest provide quick responses and thoughtful answers/suggestions.

    Lil Genius Academy posted 7 months ago

    The people who created Pinterest are super smart, I would stick with them, they are legit and you can get a lot of traffic.

    Funky Fun Style posted 9 months ago

    App works great on my website i would suggest using the app kit to have more control on the products you want to promote.

    Amztee posted 9 months ago

    Great app. easy to set up and I'm now able to advertise my pins on Pinterest which is great.