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  • Between 84-100% of store sales from Buyable Pins came from new customers
  • Buyable pin sales came from products with mid-range pricing ($45-170)
  • Buyable pins boosted mobile sales by 10-20%
  • Buyable pins boosted traffic by 20-28%
    • More success stories for:

  • FlyAway BlueJay
  • shophearts
  • Modern Citizen
    • Learn more about Buyable Pins:

    With Buyable Pins you can sell products directly on Pinterest, and your customers can checkout without leaving Pinterest.

    Pinners can shop Buyable Pins on their iOS and Android mobile devices using the Pinterest App. Buyable Pins generate in search and can be saved for later, repinned and shared on boards same as Rich Pins, and are enabled for purchase.

    Learn how to start selling with Pinterest’s Buyable Pins using Shopify.


    • Easy: Setup directly on Shopify by connecting your Pinterest Business account

    • Save time: Changes to product listings sync to your Buyable Pins featured on Pinterest

    • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Pinterest are managed on Shopify

    • In app checkout: Increase sales conversion with fast checkout directly on Pinterest

    • Customize you collections: Only choose the products you’d like to feature on your Pinterest boards

    Funky Fun Style posted 7 months ago

    App works great on my website i would suggest using the app kit to have more control on the products you want to promote.

    Amztee posted 7 months ago

    Great app. easy to set up and I'm now able to advertise my pins on Pinterest which is great.

    Moorishlighting posted 8 months ago

    A great app for my website, easy to install & start getting instant traffic....

    Syrian Mother Of Pearl Furniture posted 8 months ago

    I've downloaded some of products but still can't see them on my account, was hoping for a sale or some traffic for my website

    Planet Babywood posted 8 months ago

    It says that Pinterest products can only have size and color as variation titles. Mine is word for word how they want it but I'm still getting the error.

    Two Purring Cats Studio posted 9 months ago

    No matter what I do, I cannot connect my Shopify store to my Pinterest account. It doesn't recognize my account and takes me to "oauth" in Pinterest search. Even Shopify couldn't get it to work. Hours wasted trying, got no help via Pinterest email, just a form letter that wasn't useful. Horrible.

    Pandoras Box 14 posted 10 months ago

    I sell hoodies and other objects with multiple choices, the system is telling me it's not acceptable by pinterest because they can only market a single object at a time and it's preventing me from showing them on pinterest. It's giving me a complex meaning that makes no sense whatsoever. "Only color, size, material, and pattern options allow different option values" yea as if this makes sense to a new seller! It offers no "how to fix" or "single duplication factor". While blocking over 100 items I'm seriously considering kicking it!

    Cuteftw posted 10 months ago

    After connecting to pinterest, the app led me to a broken page and doesn't function as promised.

    A And K Labs posted a year ago

    Haven't seen any sales from this yet however, it was very easy to set up and i feel improves the look of your pinterest page.

    The Jg Files posted a year ago

    Great app. easy to set up and I'm now able to advertise my pins on Pinterest which is great.