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Photo Resize by Pixc
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Why you need this app

If you want your store to look more professional, the first thing we suggest is making sure that your product photos are not only high quality but uniform is size and ratio. So, we built a free app for you.

This app will automatically:

★ Make all your photos the same ratio (square)

★ Replace all your product photos on your website with the resized ones.

How it works

  1. Click “Get” to install the free app

  2. Once the app is installed, all your product photos will appear.

    It will automatically give you an overview of how many photos are not yet a square ratio.

  3. Click the orange button “Make all images square”

  4. The app will automatically resize and add space around the photo to make it square.

  5. All images are automatically replaced and appear on your website.

You can restore the original photo if you would like to at any time.


Q: I added a new item to my site. Will it automatically get resized? If not, what do I need to do?

A: The new image will not be automatically resized, but you can simply open the app and click on the "Re-check Shop Images"
button to restart the process. It will scan the entire site, including old images, for non-square images.

Q: Can I restore all my images?

A: Yes, you can. Just click on “Restore all images”. Please note that you won’t be able to do this if you uninstall the app already.

Q: Can I still get my original images back if I uninstalled the app?

A: To restore your images, please, install Pixc app again and reach out to us. Our tech team will restore the images on your store. It’s highly recommended not to uninstall the app until the process is completed.

Q: Can I cancel the resizing process once it started?

A: Once you started the resizing the process, you can no longer cancel it. However, you can restore both individual and all images if you feel that the output is not something your want for your store.

Q: Can I restore individual images?

A: Yes, you can. Just click on the “Restore Product Image” button on the individual images you want to restore.

Q: Can I resize individual/selected images only?

A: Unfortunately, our resizing app works by checking all your original images and making them square based on the aspect ratio. However, selective resizing is something we’re considering. As an alternative, you can complete the entire resizing process. Then, select the images you don’t want to resize and restore them back to their original size.

Q: Will this app resize images to a specific size? For example: I want them all 400x400 specifically?

A: Our resizing app works by checking your original images and making them square based on the aspect ratio. If you want to set specific sizes or any other parameters for your images it can be done with our “Retail Ready photos by Pixc” app.

Q: I run the app. Everything looks fine, except the cover images of the collections. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, our resizing app doesn’t work on your collections' cover images as of this moment.


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Example of how it works here  

Kinder Kouture posted a year ago

Great little app. Did exactly what it said. All my pics are now formatted to one size. Thank you.

Shopdiamondsandrust posted a year ago

Awesome app just what we needed!

Gameporium posted a year ago

This app saved me from a huge headache. I am so glad I found it!

Roundhouse Pizza Ovens posted a year ago

so easy!! Photo Resize is amazing it does the work for you

Slim Fit Performance posted a year ago

literally was just bugging out over the fact that my pictures were not collectively sized. I thought I would've had to hire a web designer or someone more familiar but this is AMAZING.

Hotwiretel posted a year ago

Like it so far, about to try the paid version

Smoker Broker posted a year ago

great app, hopefully it stays free forever

Las Mariposas Boutique posted a year ago

Fabulous. What I was looking for. So easy to use. Thank you

Naturewoodring posted a year ago

awesome apps that make my work easier and productive

Sapiocooking posted a year ago

says its free - but its not - after they process there's a bill to complete.
wasted my tme