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Order Printer Emailer

How does it work?

Shopify's Order Printer app is a great way to print documents for your customers, such as receipts and return forms. However, it is not able to automatically email these documents to your customers. This app fixes that problem! It can take any Shopify Order Printer’s compatible template, and provide your customers with the means to download PDFs directly from the emails they are sent.

No more wasting of printer paper and ink, and you'll be saving a lot of time as well.

It’s a simple one-time setup

  1. Set up the app for the document/template you want to provide to your customers.

  2. Add the "special link" into your existing Shopify emails, for example, the Order confirmation email.

  3. When your customers click on the link in your emails, a PDF of your document is created for them, based on their order data.

  4. Set it up once, then sit back – the processing is done automatically.

    New: Draft orders

    You can now provide invoices and receipts for normal orders, as well as draft orders. Simply add the same link to your Draft Order Invoice email template, and customers can download the PDF when receiving those too.

    Requirement: Shopify Order Printer compatible template

    This app is a free add-on that we've built for Shopify's Order Printer app. This means that it assumes you already have a Shopify Order Printer "template" of the document you would like your customers to be able to download. There is also a free basic invoice/receipt template provided in the app. Check out our Order Printer Templates app. It will allow you to set up customizable receipts/invoices, packing slips, returns forms and gift receipt templates, with a simple one-time purchase.

    About Us

    We've been in the Shopify document business for six years now, and have helped tens of thousands of stores create better shipping documents. We can help you too!

    If you have any questions at all, click the "Get Support" button, or use the contact info shown in the Support and Sales window on the right hand side.

    All the best,

    Bjorn Forsberg

    Chief Eternal Optimist


    PS: If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improving our app, feel free to contact me at


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    Angedesmers posted 5 months ago

    Easily customizable and integration. Works perfecly fine. Thank you !

    Approved Hydraulics posted 5 months ago

    Very Useful and FREE! Thanks to FORSBERG+two

    Claudia The Label posted 6 months ago

    This app was so quick and easy to set up. It is exactly what I needed. Absolutely love that an app that is here to reduce the need for paper/doing something good for the environment is available and free! Thank you!

    Gadgetostore posted 6 months ago

    parfait et facile à installer , je recommande

    Coin De Reve posted 6 months ago

    Love this so much. Gorgeous and professional designs, super easy to customize. This should be integrated into Shopify. Highly recommendable!

    Jarsons posted 6 months ago

    Love it. A paper free world hmmm not a bad idea, I like the app

    Vinitop posted 6 months ago

    TOP App for create an Order PDF

    Generation Tocante posted 6 months ago

    application super et rapide a mettre en place , merci

    Thelightguys posted 6 months ago

    Does exactly as expected, great simple solution

    Qiqo Hot Natural Energy Drink posted 6 months ago

    Flawless! Does exactly what it promises.