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Store Notify Me
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Store Notify Me

Is the ultimate way to make your Shopify's store smarter, check a few reasons to integrate Notify Me App in your store:

  • Automatic Notifications

    Every time your stock be modified, we will store that actions and one time per day we will send a well-formatted email to all your customers listing new products, rebate products and back to stock products.

  • Custom Notifications

    Right from your store administration, you'll be able to send email campaigns (with custom text, images and links) to all your subscribers easier than ever before, also you can preview your notification before sending.

  • Subscription component

    This component is 99% customizable, features like position, icons, text, color and patterns will be defined by you, you can create a unique design that perfectly integrates with your store environment. Each new subscription will be automatically notified to your email address.

  • Out of stock products

    Every time a product goes out of stock after a sale you will be automatically notified and a listed in our app.

  • Subscriber's list and stats

    You will check a list with all your subscribers and export it as CSV file, also you can check stats like the number of subscribers, the number of notifications and the number of notified products.

  • Logo and Social Networks

    You will set your logo and your social networks links, those will appear in all your custom and automatic notifications. For social networks, we will include the icon related to each social network configured.

  • This app needs JQuery version 1.9.0 or higher.