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NeoWize Insights & Analytics
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About NeoWize Insights:

An all-in-one analytics tool that shows you the most important information about your store.

Using NeoWize Insights & Analytics, you can learn:

  • In what stage in the funnel do most of your customers leave the store?

  • How well does each item perform in relation to the exposure it gets?

  • What are the differences in behavior between new and returning users?

  • What are the top performing items based on the customer devices (Android/iPhone/PC/etc.)?

  • And much, much more…

  • Main Benefits:

  • NeoWize doesn’t require any customization or configuration.

  • Updates in realtime and notifies you about changes in your traffic or performance.

  • Feedback & Support:

    Feel free to contact us with any questions:

    We are happy to hear requests for more features or information that you would like to see.

    Skhc posted a year ago

    Good app. Gives some really valuable insight to what's going on behind the scenes with your store.

    Check it out:

    Curious Kitties posted 2 years ago

    I installed for my cat themed shop looking forward to seeing the results!

    So far so good anyway~ the walk-through when you first install is really nice.

    Silicagelly posted 2 years ago

    Great app to analyze store.


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    Nice Modern Menswear posted 2 years ago

    Currently using on

    NeoWize offers great statistics and information for my store that I could not otherwise get. Definitely worth the free price tag!

    Morale Patch Armory posted 2 years ago

    It's a good app. Gives some really valuable insight to whats going on behind the scenes with your store.

    Mod Mode Boutique posted 2 years ago

    So far enjoying the tool and gaining alot of insights into our sales funnel and which products are selling better then the others. Would recommend any store owner to install and use this tool.

    Yourturnkeystore 147 posted 2 years ago

    Great App. Highly Recommended!

    Sexyrealsexdolls posted 2 years ago

    Great tool!! perfect to optimize your store

    Nys Inmate Packages posted 2 years ago

    NeoWiz Insights & Analytics is probably the best app any business owner should have. It actually gives product sales, returning customers, and the items that sells the best on my site! Outstanding app. Unbelievably easy to navigate and use! Truly a great app! Thanks NeoWize!

    Natural Armor posted 2 years ago

    I'm not normally one to write reviews about anything but felt compelled to this time. This is a great app and has helped me tremendously to understand my site traffic and utilization. Yoav has been great and always there when i needed him. You would think he was an investor in my company or something (he is not). Anyways, you can't go wrong with the Neowize app.