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Metisa Product Recommendations
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Leading retailers with over 1 million customers and US$100 million sales trust Metisa. Are you ready to supercharge your sales with data?

★ Recommendations to first-time visitors

Metisa converts your visitors into paying customers with recommendations that adapt in real-time as they shop.

About 90% of your store's visits are from new customers. Metisa increases their likelihood to buy by analyzing their behavior with machine learning algorithms similar to those used by Amazon and Walmart, and generating immediate conversion-increasing recommendations as they browse your site.

You can think of Metisa as an attentive store assistant - the kind that pays attention to what you pick up and oogle over, and then predicts similar items to recommend to you.

★ Easily automate customer retention strategies

For registered repeat customers, Metisa increases purchases by up to 50% with on-site recommendations, personalized email campaigns and autoresponders.

★ Predictive customer insights

Metisa analyzes your customers and products to take the guesswork out of your marketing. Know who are your most valuable customers with Customer Personas and Predictive Customer Lifetime Value analysis. Engage your customers to draw them back into your site with At-Risk Probability (Churn) data.

The best part? Our personalized email campaigns automatically adjust to these, so that you’ll send the right email to the right customer. And with lifecycle marketing built into the core of Metisa, you can rest assured that they’re always delivered at the right time.

★ On-site recommendation widgets

Cross-sell and up-sell by installing the following on-site widgets:

  • Magic widget: Metisa magically recommends products as a subtle popup at the bottom of your site based on what your customer has bought and what he/she is currently looking at

  • Peoples who bought this also bought: Cross-sell on your Product page by showing similar products to the ones customers are viewing

  • Things you may like: Cross-sell on your Home page by showing personalized recommendation based on what you know about your customer

  • Top sellers

  • New products

Demo Store: Check out our demo store to see these widgets in action.

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Playhao posted a year ago

I managed to setup Metisa in 30 minutes, and within the hour, was receiving actionable insights on our top performing customer segments.

In two weeks, our store generated enough extra sales through the trending and related products widgets to cover the annual fee for Metisa. We're now exploring the automated email campaigns.

I highly recommend you try it out and see for yourself whether the analytics, product recommendations and email campaigns produce a lift in your store's sales.

Noxdelivery posted a year ago

I am a user of Metisa, and I think its one of the best 3rd party recommendation system out there. :) Strongly suggest you try it out for your e-commerce platform.

Yue Hwa posted a year ago

Metisa is smart enough to help us find the right products for our customers. It also helps us to better understand our customers' needs. A very nice and easy to use tool for merchants that want to go online.

Betterthanflowers posted a year ago

Beautifully designed. I definitely recommend it!

Proud To Have Served posted a year ago

As a busy shop, we would very much recommend this app for your store. The data metrics are fantastic, and the support offered by the team of developers is first class. Highly recommended app, and a credit to the Shopify eCommerce suite.

Fresh Supply Company posted a year ago

Excellent app, highly recommend to anyone looking to boost their cross selling via the use of the app's automated smart recommendations & email. Generated an additional 7% sales just from our 1st month of using it!

One Dollar Only posted a year ago

Not only is email marketing automated, Metisa doubled our customers' engagement by accurately matching email message to segment.

This resulted in a very real 35% increase of revenue compared to the same period last year without Metisa.

Metisa is a fine mistress to take care of your email marketing and we are darn glad we have her company.

Littlellama posted a year ago

A highly recommended must-have app with immediate ROI!

Installation and integration was really easy!

I saw immediate results with a suggested discounting campaign that Metisa suggested me to run, after a few minutes of integration with Mailchimp. It was really handy that my customer list is segmented for me, and I have the ability to use Metisa to quickly create and send targeted campaigns to specific customer segments.

I can't wait to explore future features that the team is planning to release. Well done!