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Trust begins with security

McAfee SECURE certification turns your shoppers into buyers by making them feel safe.

The rise in data breaches has caused a climate of fear among online consumers. As a small business owner, you need to show you're one of the good guys.

How it works

The McAfee SECURE trustmark lets visitors see that your site is safe—alleviating security concerns and increasing engagement and conversions. Even better, the trustmark and verification page display in 20 different languages (based on the browser language of your visitor).

Add the app to your site and display the trustmark for up to 500 visitors per month, at no charge.

Getting started is easy

Once your site is scanned and certified, the trustmark will display on your website, which lets your customers know they're on a SECURE site. It's as easy as that!

Go Pro and Gain More Traffic, Trust and Sales:

Upgrade to McAfee SECURE Certification Pro and get premium features that are proven to increase sales, including:

  1. Unlimited Trustmark Views

  2. Shopper Identity Protection

  3. TrustedSite Ratings & Reviews

  4. Search Highlighting

  5. Complete Trustmark System

  6. Search Engine Submission

  7. Website Diagnostics

Fashion Genie Boutique posted 5 months ago

Only works for a little part of the month, unless you upgrade. I deleted the app and found it was still showing on my site. To be honest, I didn’t like the look of it on my site, i though it looked very out of place and unprofessional

Factgoods posted 6 months ago

Very easy to use and I think our customers will like seeing that the security is reinforced.

Enkadai Com posted 6 months ago

great app.
works on all pages

Musclephenom Sports posted 6 months ago

Great app!

Male Enhancement/Sports Nutrition/Weight Loss

In Stock at Amazon and Ebay.

Old Springhouse Designs posted 6 months ago

It is a great product and most of all it hardens the security of the website.

Riles Belles posted 6 months ago

I had a great experience. Easy to install and it does give me and my customers sense of security .

Aaxma posted 6 months ago

Excellent app from McAfee! Floating Trustmark improves customer trust. Thank you McAfee :)

Brasnada posted 6 months ago

not sure if this is worth it. I am on the trial version... nothing really to add here. My objective was to build trust with my audience. I've had a few sales in the past weeks. It seems to be alright. It is a bit pushy for us to buy the full license.

Jewelrytopstore Com posted 6 months ago

Nice app! thank you - definitely recommend it!

Collections By Evvie posted 6 months ago

Great App!! I would definitely recommend using it.