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Make an Offer - Free 30 day trial
$9.99 – $19.99 / month
25% off the app
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Executive Summary

Online stores just like traditional stores face a large number of window shoppers that browse around the website but never buy anything. Additionally, online stores face a unique cart abandonment problem. These are people who have a strong intention to buy and add the product to the cart but never end up buying the product.

Our app strives to convert these window shoppers and cart abandoners into customers in a unique and engaging way.

How it works

Our app allows your end customers to make a price offer on products selected by the store owner. Store owners have complete autonomy over how and when they wish to have the option of making an offer shown.

You could place a “make an offer” button beside the “Add to cart” button or you could choose to only show the exit popup when a user is exiting the website. For mobile users you can even choose a timed overlay, which is an elegant message that shows on the product and cart page after a few seconds, if the user is still undecided about purchasing the item.

We understand that it’s too much of a commitment to sign up for a paid membership without trying the product, so here is our offer to you: a 30 day free trial!

The app pays for itself multiple times over when you start seeing those incremental sales figures.

Please reach out with any questions that you might have and we would love to help you out.

If you want more granular details before you try us, check out the feature list below:

Feature List:

You have complete autonomy to select whichever of the following incentives you would like to turn on.

Customized Button (For Mobile and Desktop)
A simple customizable button that can be placed right beside the “add to cart” button for customers to make an offer on.

Timed Overlay (For Mobile only):
Our latest exciting addition! A simple elegant small overlay header is shown to customers who are on the product page for a few seconds and haven’t made their mind up about the purchase. An overlay lasts for a few seconds and if the user closes the overlay by choice, we never show the overlay again for the remainder of the session. We respect your customers’ browsing experience .

Exit Offer (For Desktop only):
Our cursor motion engine senses the cursor movement of your customers and activates a popup when they are about to leave the product page. This helps you focus your incentives only on window shoppers and helps maximize sales and optimize your margins.

Product Selection:
We understand that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and we understand that store owners may want to run these incentive campaigns on select product SKUs. Our app allows for such flexibility and all the incentives mentioned above can be tailored to a select group of products. Its super simple to setup.

Cart abandonment popup:
This feature is a huge part of fighting cart abandonment. A popup is activated whenever a user tries to leave the website (anywhere on the website) with products in the cart. This is an immediate solution to help cart abandonment as opposed to sending a follow-up email later.

Email List:
Every offer that you get is accompanied with your customer’s email address. So even if for some reason the offer doesn’t convert into a final sale, you end up with a customer’s email address, who initiated the engagement with you.

Pettah Online posted a year ago

Good app and the support team did the styling customization I wanted without a fuss. Looking forward to more automation.

4 Horsemen posted a year ago

Absolutely amazing app! This is a must-have to drive incremental sales and is extremely simple and straight-forward to set up.

Best part is, my conversion rate continues to get higher and higher!

Not Yet Tracked Out posted a year ago

This is a really fun app to add if you have any wiggle room on prices. We use it for our outdoor gear buy and sell site and it works great! Very easy set-up, easy to use and allows more engagement with your customers. Customer service has been awesome every step of the way, going above and beyond when requests were made. Highly recommend!

Bobkimballfineart posted a year ago

They never contacted me back for a problem I had. They only contacted me when I wrote a bad review about them.

Belowgresheet posted a year ago

Probably the friendliest app developer I have dealt with. I have the app installed in my store and it looks and acts exactly how it should. The only other app that has this functionality is Pricewaiter but I can't justify the cost. At 9 dollars and change you can't go wrong.

Luxeguru posted a year ago

Great app and great support team. Thank you very much for your help.

J2skincare posted 2 years ago

Worked as described, but for a small business like mine the $10 per mo. app. fee out weighted the sales generated from the app. meaning the percentage/fee attached to the sale of the items where way too high on a per item cost basis. From our standpoint it would`ve been a better fit if it were a comm. based platform rather than a monthly fee model.

So1985dahling posted 2 years ago

Giving three stars only because I've just installed the app today so we will see how it goes. But it is a really awesome idea and hopefully will increase sales :)

Her Beautiful Essentials posted 2 years ago

I love the app, especially the concept. I have it to where a little popup window appears once your mouse leaves the main area to prompt my visitors to make an offer. I would definitely recommend that there be an automated email sent to customer that make an offer on the website. In the meantime, I think I am going to utilize mail chimp to make it appear professional. It would also be nice if the app auto adjust to the offer for that particular customer rather than me having to change the price on my store or create individual discounts. Thank you! (:

Sweety Cats Boutique posted 2 years ago

Great app!!!! Just installed it yesterday and today already an offer!!!!
Hopefully I was curious because I did not receive any notification or email informing me I have an offer!
It requires however to work on it: manuel email to answer to the offer (I ve just sent a draft) It would be great to automate the after offer! ;)