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Luigi’s Box
From $0.00 / month
30-day free trial + 15% discount
You will get 30-day free trial and a 15% discount on the recurring monthly fee, or instead the discount you can get a Custom Search Report after the 1-st month of paid usage of Luigi's Box.

☝ Stop ignoring your search! It deserves your attention.

Visitors using site search make up to 4 times more conversions. Enhance their shopping experience by fixing your search.

Luigi’s Box is an analytical tool, providing in-depth analytics of search & navigation on your site.

Luigi’s Box helps you to increase conversion rate of visitors who use search on your eshop. It gives you detailed information about interactions of your visitors, what search terms they use most often, where do they struggle to find results and where you are losing their attention. And the best part is that we will not only show you were your problems are , but we can also help you to get rid of them. The most common search problems are no-results and typos - both can be easily fixed by Luigi’s Box FixIt feature.

Our tool is well optimized for Shopify, and its integration with your shop is fully automated and hassle free. Luigi’s Box does not affect any functionality of your shop, including the actual rendering of the site. We collect and analyze data and give you the ability to hot-fix your search easily with just a few clicks.

After clicking the Get button you will be asked to fill-out your shop details. Next, you will need to authorize Luigi’s Box to access your shop on shopify site. The final step you need to do is to pick one of our price plans (do not worry, we offer you a free trial for first 30 days) and you are done. First data will appear on Luigi’s Box Dashboard within 24-hours, usually it takes around 40 minutes.

Pssst, and in few weeks we will be rolling-out our own auto-complete as as service, that can boost visitors engagement on your site. If you would like to get more details on that, drop us an email.

★★★ Join Many E-shop Merchants who increased their conversion rate by optimising search on their e-shop.

Luigi's Box offers you

  • Intuitive Visual Dashboard

  • Relevant metrics & KPIs

  • Trends & Insights - for search queries and items

  • Search keywords and typo analysis

  • Autocomplete evaluation - see your autocomplete success rate

  • Search engine A/B testing

  • FixIt functionality - allows you to hotfix critical search issues

→ Check out Luigi's Box Demo


Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, for sure. Once you see no added value from Luigi's Box features, you can simply uninstall the application from Shopify store.

Can you fix my search?

Yes, we allow you to fix search queries that return zero results, or that have typos.

Can I replace my search with Luigi's Box?

Not right now. Today we provide search analytics and hot-fixes for your existing search. However within a few weeks, we will be ready with our Autocomplete feature, that you will be able to turn on easily.

Do you have more questions?

You can check Luigi's Box Support Section or contact us via email at We will try to reply you within a couple of minutes.