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Littledata - Google Analytics
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"I love this app because it simplifies all actions...and tells me what to do in order to increase my store’s sales."

"Fixing my Google Analytics datafeed with this app is SO much easier than doing it manually and definitely a huge win for our store."
- Denjara Apparel

#1 Google Analytics reporting app for larger Shopify stores

Ahoy! Overwhelmed by big data?

Say hello to a better way. The Littledata app lets you focus on the little data that makes the biggest difference to traffic, conversions, and recurring revenue.

Key benefits:

  • Enterprise-level analytics at a fraction of the cost for medium- and large-sized stores (and smaller stores on the growth path!)

  • Best app for connecting marketing channels with revenue

  • Automated reporting that scales with your business - use the included dashboard and alerts, upgrade for automated report packs

  • Core features like our Audit tool let you automatically fix your Google Analytics setup for accurate tracking. See full feature list

  • Track key metrics such as First Click, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Average Order Value, Revenue per Customer - all automatically filtered and explained so that you can focus on the most actionable insights

  • Enhanced Ecommerce support for details such as Click Through Rate and Add-to-Cart Rate for individual products, plus any desired details such as vouchers/discount codes or product categories

  • Instant access to Buyer Personas, Ecommerce Benchmarks, and smart algorithms that detect trends and outliers

  • Streamlined and automatic - all you need is the Littledata app and a Google Analytics account

  • Used by some of the most successful Shopify stores, including Athletic Greens and the Ellie activewear subscription box

Why Littledata?

Shopify is an awesome ecommerce platform. But Shopify’s reporting has some serious issues, and Google Analytics can be complicated to set up correctly. After years in the field as analytics consultants, we built Littledata to bridge the gap. The results will amaze you!

Littledata doesn’t just connect the dots, it gives you the whole picture. Every Shopify store is unique, but the MOST SUCCESSFUL all have one thing in common: they gather data across the entire CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE and back decisions with ACCURATE DATA.

Littledata is a complete Google Analytics toolbox that anybody can use to track MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, STORE PERFORMANCE & SHOPPER BEHAVIOUR.

Set up in 5 minutes and start making data-driven decisions that lead to measurable growth.

Fix your analytics setup and get accurate data

Even with Shopify’s new Marketing Events API, it can seem challenging to get accurate analytics about exactly where your customers come from and how they interact with your online store. Let Littledata automate the process so you can get back to business.

  • Industry-leading audit tool with automated fixes built especially for Shopify stores

  • Automatically check and fix Google Analytics tracking for your store, including marketing channels such as PPC ads and organic search, web page performance, and checkout steps

  • What you can track with our Shopify reporting app

  • Accurate data guaranteed

Increase marketing ROI

Get dramatically higher ROI by understanding how to increase - and improve - traffic from particular marketing channels.

  • Automatically map advertising data to conversions and revenue

  • Break down customer segments and revenue by marketing channel or particular marketing campaign

  • Use our popular Buyer Personas feature to see find out which types of customers are most likely to convert via paid search (PPC campaigns), organic search, email, referral and social channels such as Twitter and Facebook

  • Seamless Refersion integration for affiliate marketing data

Understand your customers

Increase conversions and retention with deep customer knowledge. Get clear insights across the customer life cycle, from what shoppers are searching for on your site, to what your repeat buyers all have in common.

  • Understand the customer life cycle, fill in gaps and increase sales

  • Track user behaviour and map it to revenue

  • Seamless ReCharge integration for subscription-based companies

Improve store performance

Drive revenue with intelligent insights on how your item lists, product categories, landing pages and shopping cart are performing. Compare against other ecommerce sites.

  • Know your store’s strengths and weaknesses and improve across the board

  • Get a clear picture of core metrics like Sessions, Pages per Session, and Bounce Rate

  • Drill down into store performance with details on the best ways to arrange your products in a list and how to optimise landing pages and shopping carts

  • Benchmark your web performance against other ecommerce stores

  • Advanced Google Analytics support, including Enhanced Ecommerce and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Sign up today! We’re here to support you on your ecommerce journey.

Quick installation guide (with video).

Still have questions? Learn more about what you can track with our Shopify app. Read some FAQs.

In the middle of a big project? Contact us about analytics consulting on top of the app! We work with major brands like

Topmunch posted a year ago

The app has a great value proposition. Edward helped me out with the initial setup and explained what exactly the app does.

Denjara Apparel posted a year ago

I really liked the smoothness of the app; the overall 'look and feel'.

I instantly knew I had a solid solution on hand for a problem that most of us struggles with: Weeding out bad or misleading information from Google Analytics.

Fixing my Google Analytics datafeed with this app is SO much more easy than doing it manually and definitely a huge win for our store.

Mcb Com posted a year ago

Wonderful and insightful to see what' s going on with your store and what needs to be fixed.
I love this app because it simplifies all actions on the app itself and tell me what to do in order to increase my stores sales.
The more information you have on your customers the better.

By using this in conjunction with Shopify's Reports and Google Analytics, you can quickly see what's working and what's not, boost your customer retention, boost your conversions and sales.

Thank You Stores posted 2 years ago


Ridge Line Survival Gear posted 2 years ago

Finally an app that returns all the correct data.
Easy to use and easy to understand.