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Know Your Customer

Note: This application currently is designed primarily for stores with US customers. Also, if your store has fewer than 50 customers, your experience will be limited.

As an online store owner, you try to find innovative ways to make your business profitable and successful. It is often hard to understand who your customer really is. Google Analytics makes you jump through hoops to produce customer-related analytics. Shopify collects basic customer information like name and billing address. Neither provide a full picture of who your customer really is.

Know Your Customer simplifies this process. Once you install the app, you will have all the details about your customers at your fingertips. This data will make it easier for you to tailor your offerings to suit your customers' interests and tastes.

Customer Demographics

Once you understand your high-value customers' demographics (their gender, age, profession, etc.), you can modify your website, your products, your promotions, and your advertising strategy to target them effectively. Customers from different age groups or genders may have different product preferences. Know Your Customer identifies the strongest group of customers, which you can use to tune your website messaging and marketing commmuncations.

Time of Day Analysis

It is important to know what times and days are best for the shoppers on your store. Armed with this information, you can schedule your social media and advertising campaigns to get 30% higher returns.

Location Analysis

Your store's success varies by location. Different regions have different product preferences. It is very important to understand if location factors are involved in your store's adoption. Know Your Customer provides you a simple and powerful map that shows the top metro areas for your store.

Saladpower posted a year ago

Big fan of this app. Really good data break down, helped me understand and improve how I set my site up. Also really great customer service!

Busy Little Bird posted a year ago

This app has helped me fill in some of the blanks of figuring out my target customer, and how I can best serve my existing customers. I love the clean look of the reports!

Wooden Ships posted a year ago

Helpful in getting snap shot info about our customer base! Offers valuable information in an easy to read format.

Peach Love Ca posted a year ago

This is one of the most valuable apps that we have on our site! It breaks down in a super simple way on who my customer is.

Chime Store posted a year ago

I love the simple graphics that visualize the data for me and provides me with the insights I need to understand my customers better. The graphics are beautiful..

Encha posted a year ago

What is really cool about this app is it pulls data of my customers that I don't have, e.g. gender, age, income level. So I don't have to use any survey or signup form to "bother" my customers. The app's triangulation from demographic data really help paint a broader pic of my customer types and behaviors.

And I love the graphics of its dashboard, nicely deslgned. It is very easy to use!!!

Mamasuds Llc posted a year ago

Such a fantastic tool to use, especially when creating Facebook Ads!

Pure Hearts International posted a year ago

This is a good app especially considering it is free. Looking forward to its ability to analyze non-USA customer data as well.

Spookiesbr posted a year ago

Sad to know, it only works in US. I will give 5 stars because I downloaded it without knowing that.

Yourturnkeystore 243 posted 2 years ago

Looks great!