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Knowing the payment methods used by your customers will help you understand what is working for your Shopify store. Optimizing which payment methods you have enabled on your checkout can help you improve checkout conversion. We’ll show you how!

Some payment methods have high transaction fees and expose you to chargeback in case there was undetected fraud. Kash will help you understand the fees you’re paying for each payment method.

Knowing your options is one of the hardest parts of making decisions for payment methods. We’ll show you what’s what and steps you can take to lower your transaction fees by up to 80% while keeping your customers happy.

Divine Experience Radio Store posted a year ago

I love this app for my customers! For each purchase customers will save on their purchases. I have tried it and it really works. I am happy that I installed the app (Customer service gets a 10+)!

Csa Medical Supply posted a year ago

Nice app customers are happy using it.

Trendy Smilez posted 2 years ago

Hello Kash team, Please reply our emails if Kash debit card works for Singapore. We installed the APP but unable to complete account setup. Thanks

Suntanningstore posted 2 years ago

Doesn't hurt to give your customers another way to check out. Also helps you prevent fraudulent chargebacks. Recommended.

Breton posted 2 years ago

Easy to install, works great, and easy to get paid!

Great App

Bf Bobs posted 2 years ago

Kash is one of those solutions that make you think, "why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this!?"

It's a super valuable app that really helps our margins.

Their support, especially Caroline, is a complete pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend them to any E-commerce store.

Luxe Home Decor Furnishings posted 2 years ago

Easy set up, easy to use, and very friendly staff

Style N Craft posted 2 years ago

Its a nice app to have to give customers an additional option to pay specially if they don't have a credit card or don't want to use a credit card.They can pay using their bank debit card or their bank information.

Pet Pro Supply Co posted 2 years ago

Kash has been great so far. Their rep helped me get everything set up under an hour, and every transaction has been quick and easy. It helps save both us and the customers money when they use Kash. The chargeback protection is also a great plus! Definitely recommend using with Kash for any Shopify store.

Motherease posted 2 years ago

KASH is a direct deposit payment option for your Shopify store. It integrates really well and easily - plus the team at KASH are awesome to work with!

We have two stores, one in US currency and one in CAD currency and the only unfortunate part is that are only US based.. but a great option for our US customers :)