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What is Instafeed?

Instafeed is an app that allows you to easily integrate your Instagram pictures in your Shopify Store. Instagram is one of the biggest marketing tools, adding your Instagram pictures to your store is a great way to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. The pictures will link directly to your Instagram account making Instafeed a great way to attract new followers.

Installing Instafeed in your store is as easy as:

  • Step 1: Add your Instagram details, the number of pictures you want and preview your feed
  • Step 2: Publish the changes
  • Step 3: Add the feed to anywhere you want in your store
  • That's it! Whenever you post a picture in Instagram it will be automatically added to your store!

Instafeed is a very simple and lightweight app that is free forever and doesn't add any code to your store. Send us an email to to if you need support or have suggestions.

If you still don't have a Shopify account get one: here.

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Corruptgrail posted 4 months ago

Spent a bit of time looking for a basic feed and this is by far the best option. The support from Nuno has been brilliant!

Elclay posted 5 months ago

Works on the phone but had some issues with displaying on the desktop. Solved with great customer support.

1st Man 1st Woman posted 5 months ago

A great App, was easy to instal and looks amazing on my website check it out https://www ✔

Glass City Pipes posted 5 months ago

issues with it randomly not showing up on site and needed to redo the token. when working, it's great

Greenport Jerky Company posted 5 months ago

WOW what a great app and easy to install. It was just a matter of following the links, cut and paste BAM all done. We ran into one hiccup a few days after we installed it. We emailed Nuno and it was fixed on the spot. I own them a bag of JERKY

Vincent M
Greenport JERKY Company

Kukachoo posted 5 months ago

Unfortunately this app doesn't work so good with different posts left blank or not viewed at all ??? Have to keep updating the Instagram token.

Shop The Tie posted 5 months ago

Thanks to the support service it s running now !

Excelent customer service ! Awesome !

Keepwood Eyewear posted 5 months ago

Great App! Love it! Other apps charge a lot for the same feature..

Diya Accessories posted 5 months ago

Simple to use and simple layout. Gets the job done and looks great on website!

Altair Beauty posted 5 months ago

Great app, easy to install. Clean design and no bugs. We use on the bottom of our homepage. Would definitely recommend.