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InfiPlex OMS
From $10.00 / month
Free setup service
Free set-up Service. Save up-to $100 Offer is valid until 30 of Septemeber

Short Description

The InfiPlex Order Management System (OMS) makes it easy to manage shipping and inventory from multiple marketplaces directly from your Shopify store.

The InfiPlex OMS

The InfiPlex OMS connects your Shopify store to all your external marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Groupon Stores, Jet and Walmart. It automatically sends orders to your Shopify store so you can manage them from within the Shopify administrative area. Inventory updates and tracking numbers are pulled from your Shopify store and sent back to each marketplace connection as orders come through the system.

Available Integrations

  • Amazon

  • Amazon FBA

  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

  • Groupon Stores

  • Shopify

  • eBay

  • Jet

  • NewEgg

  • Walmart

  • BigCommerce - pull orders in and send inventory/tracking back

  • WooCommerce - pull orders in and send inventory/tracking back

Step-by-Step instructions are included for each marketplace on how to set-up the connection between the marketplace and OMS. This set-up is required to pull your orders into the OMS.

Other Features

  • Re-order Recommendations based on sales from all marketplaces

  • Re-Pricing Tool for all marketplaces, based on Amazon's new pricing tools (coming soon)


You will ship all orders from your Shopify administrative area using whatever shipping tools or integrations you already have set-up within your store.

Re-order Alerts

The InfiPlex OMS also includes the ability to receive a daily re-order email. Based on past sales that have come through the OMS, the system will automatically send an email every day with a list of SKUs that need to be re-ordered. It also includes settings to control how the re-order points are calculated, include a default safety stock level and the ability to set a safety stock leve on a sku-by-sku basis.

Product Listing on Marketplaces

We can help you if you need assistance getting your products listed on various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Our Team ensures that your products are optimally listed for each individual marketplace (Marketplace SEO). Gain the advantage of our extensive experience with each sales channel to ensure the best placement results for your products. Contact us today about our product lisiting services.