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Happy Customers - Free Promotion Bar
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The Happy customers app is a customizable bar which you can place either at the top or bottom of your website. The bar shows the number of orders you store has processed.

  • Is this store legitimate?

  • Is it just a scam?

  • Do people buy here?

These are one of the first questions your first-time visitors will ask themselves when they visit your store. The sad truth of the matter being that most of them are likely to leave if you don’t establish trust during the first couple of seconds.

Enter Happy Customers - a free app for establishing trust

With a combined 25+ years of eCommerce experience we know exactly how hard it is to establish trust in a matter of seconds. That’s why we decided to develop a free app that does so in a matter of seconds.


I haven’t processed a large amount of orders, should I still use Happy Customers?

Yes. The bar is fully customizable - you can input or select the initial number of orders manually, e.g.

You can set the initial number of orders to 20,000. Which means that the bar will initially show 20,000 processed orders, 20.001 after the first order, 20,002 after the second etc.

Can I redesign the app so it fits to my website?

Yes. As mentioned before the bar is fully customizable. You can customize the font size, font color and background. You can even add emojis and special characters.

Is the app mobile responsive?

Hell yes!

How much would such an awesome app cost me?

Nothing, apart from a minute of your time.



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We are here to help:

Visit our Help Center and feel free to contact us at in case you need help with the installation, or any other help for that matter.

Sergio 33 posted a year ago

Nice app. I like it. Thanks for these free app.

Opticspros posted a year ago

Great app! Helps build trust for customers and is extremely easy to install and modify. Highly recommended!

Kinder Kouture posted a year ago

Perfect app. Love the way it informs customers how well we are selling our product. Thank you.

Tigiris Illustrations posted a year ago

I really think this is a cute little extension to my website.

Very happy with it. :)

Uniquedesignjewelry posted a year ago

Awesome App! Really helped our store hit its stride! Lovely support too.

The Ancient posted a year ago

Great apps with zero cost! It adds value to my shopify website.

Les Bijoux De Samarobriva posted a year ago

very good application thank you

Trippsy posted a year ago

Great app. Loved ease of use applied to my store


Mysexywaist Com Wholesale posted a year ago

Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks

Peak Instinct posted a year ago

We were having issues with the bar showing under our menu bar on mobile for a paid theme but their support theme came in and fixed it literally within 24 hours.

Thank you so much, we are happy customers :D <3