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Gateway Supply Chain

Gateway was designed to accommodate the unique needs associated with moving heavyweight products and supplies that cause significant issues for traditional shipping providers.

How it works

The Gateway Shopify app makes it easy to ship your heavyweight products. At no charge, you can link your current product catalog to Gateway within Shopify, complete your product specs, and leave the rest to us.

Fewer touchpoints

Gateway offers end-to-end solutions for heavyweight shipping resulting in fewer touchpoints and less chance of damage to the delivered product.

We will collect converted shipments from your warehouse and feed them into our delivery network. This lowers freight costs and minimizes risks associated with standard heavyweight deliveries.

Access to the Gateway portal

With your Gateway Shopify app, you will also have access to the Gateway portal.
Within the portal, varying levels of data will be available to you depending on how you engage with the portal. You also have the ability to add on other Gateway services that we offer, such as warehousing and inbound/ocean logistics.

App features

  • Provides quotes to your customers within the USA
  • Define multiple warehouse locations to give the lowest rate to your customers
  • Product specific shipment specs to give more accurate rates
  • Hassle free setup
  • Real time quotes