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Freight Club



Take advantage of Freight Club's shipping volume rates using our nationwide carrier network. From Curbside to White-Glove & Pallets to Full Truck we have you covered. Save time by getting comparative quotes in under 30 seconds all in one place. Freight Club is easy to use with lots of time saving features including Tracking, Saved Quotations, Order Management, & BOL generation. Freight Club has an in house Customer Service team to support you every step of the way. Plus if there are damage claims, our team will step in & negotiate with the carrier on your behalf. Freight Club is your total solution we don’t do just part of it; we do all of it.

Main Features:

  • 1. Import your Orders to complete Shopify fulfillment: Bulk import and bulk book all your orders from your Shopify store into one easy to manage platform.

  • 2. Quote, Book, & Manage using our low Carrier Rates: Last year we made over 1.5 million shipments. Our volume gives us incredible nationwide carrier rates so you can put margin back into your business.
  • 3. Book Curbside to White Glove: Within the portal you can book both Commercial or Residential shipping using all levels of LTL service Curbside to White-Glove all on one account at our volume rates.
  • 4. Automatic Bill of Lading Generation: Immediate access to your BOL plus you also have the ability to include special comments within the auto-generated BOL.
  • 5. One Tracking Number: During the LTL shipping process multiple tracking numbers may be assigned to a single shipment. Freight Club makes things easier by generating one tracking number for the entire process.
  • 6. Auto Freight Class Calculator: Ease of use is what differentiates Freight Club. We even have an automatic Freight Class Calculator to ensure you get the best rates possible & reduces the potential for costly secondary billing in case an incorrect class was entered.
  • 7. Order Management: All quotes are stored, so you don’t have to go back and re-quote a shipment. We also have the ability to upload all of your SKU information so you don’t have to enter product details every time you want to ship something.
  • 8. Multiple Warehousing: Time saving features allow you to save pickup locations so you don’t have to enter them every time you want to ship. Plus “All ship to” info is automatically pulled from Shopify; again saving you time and potential errors.
  • 9. Claims: Of course we can’t guarantee a damage free world, however we can help you with the claims process. Our dedicated Claims Team will manage the claims process with carriers on your behalf. Due to our volume of over 1.5 annual shipments, we have great negotiating power when it comes to resolving damage claims compared to lower volume shippers.

  • Note: This APP is only available for US customers.