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Free Call
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Free Call ★★★★★

Free Call is the fastest, easiest way to boost your sales and service. Just add Free Call to your site and visitors can Call you for free form anywhere in the world!

✓ Receive visitor calls straight to your cell or phone

✓ Choose your availability by setting Do Not Disturb hours

✓ Let your site visitors get in touch with you by phone or message

✓ Use call recording so you never miss a thing

Why Free Call?

Shoppers now spend hours researching future purchases on merchant websites, social media, review sites…but in many cases, even if the consumer likes the product, they are hesitant to make a purchase - This is because many customers won’t necessarily reach out if they have a question that prevents them from buying. Often, they’ll just choose not to complete the purchase.

With Free Call, any visitor on your site can message you and immediately start Free Call with you from anywhere in the world!

Free Call is designed to keep customers focused to initiate contact with you. It keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on starting a call with you.

Free Call has become a top app for thousands of e-commerce companies.

Alex Abbey posted 2 years ago

Such an amazing app! Way better than one Live Chat apps I've tried. This looks and works very professionally. And I started to have more and more customers from thanks to this app.

Alex Abbey Canada posted 2 years ago

It is great way to combat Shopping Cart Abandonment. THIS WILL CERTAINLY HELP YOU TO GROW BUSINESS!

Klio Jewelry posted 2 years ago

Great app, loved it. It comes really handing in getting back to the customers if they have any questions. Recommend Free Call to everyone!

Lillium London posted 2 years ago

Awesome App i loved it . will use again for my next store . Very Thanks for designing this awesome app with great features

Mile Mindset posted 2 years ago

Great App works well on both desktop and mobile, customer service was excellent. Keep up the good work!
Thank you

Nailsugar posted 2 years ago

Free Call is a great APP. I set it up on my site and had it up and running in about 7 minutes. There is a tour that tells you just what you need to do. It assigns your customer a number to track their call and gives you the option to collect name and e-mail which is valuable. I immediately got an e-mail regarding the customer contact There is an upgrade available for more options. 30 free minutes comes with the free version. I highly recommend this APP for anyone in business.I set the time on mine that coincides with my sleep time so I do not miss anyone.

Exotic Woman posted 2 years ago

This app is such a brilliant one!
The key to any online shop is to make life easiest for your customers and timing is essential for it - talk to them when they are most willing to!
This app allows customers to just call us right when they are on our website if they want to ask something!


Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor posted 2 years ago

This app really great. People are so into text messages today and they love the fact that they can instantly send me a message from my website. I have made a few sales because of this. I strongly recommend this wonderful product to anyone who has their own business.

Bgphone posted 2 years ago

I Absolutely LOVE this App. Works Great. It's awesome, my customers call me for free on my office phone. WOW!

Mobiltel posted 2 years ago

I'm in love with this app. It helps us respond to customers faster without giving out our number. Customer Service handle my issue extremely fast. I just want to say thank you.