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Floating Category List
$7.50 / month
33% off
Get an app with 33% discount for $5/month instaed of $7.50

Floating Category List makes it easy to show your customers a category list on the left-hand side of every collection page, even if your theme is designed without a left-hand sidebar. As they navigate down your category tree, they see the parent, sibling and child categories to hone their selection of your products. They know where they are currently and the product counts, which show for each category, help them understand where to go next to find and buy your products.

Demo site

Our Demo site shows the Floating Category List in action in a live shop environment. We also offer a free trial, so if you want to see the difference it makes to your store, try it out!

Use the existing Shopify 'Navigation' system to create links, then visualise them in the embedded Admin panel.

Simply select the top-level category from the menu selector to pick out your category tree.

Create great intuitive navigation without the need for any coding or theme changes.

How to set up categories [from our YouTube channel]

Setting up a floating category list in Shopify from scratch [13 minute screencast]

Contact us

If you have questions or requests for new features our dedicated support person would be happy to answer them. Please drop Alex a line using the "Get Support" button in the contact pane.

Love And Design posted a year ago

The is a great product. Highly recommended it really adds to my site because it puts the menu directly on the users page.

Sofa King Dope posted a year ago

Although we decided to purchase a theme with a sidebar built in, this app would've been exactly what we needed. While messing around with the app, we also wanted further customization of a couple things and Alex (the app developer) put our requests at the top of the list and handled them very swiftly thru email communication. I'd recommend this app, and another other apps from this developer. Great product + customer service.