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Festival Decorations By Meggnotec
Free – $1.00 / month

In few clicks you can decorate your store for any festivals and occasions.


Decorate in few clicks

Just enabled a decoration to see it in action on your site. You don't have to touch any coding to do this.

There are more than 120 icons available currently. Customize the speed and size by providing minimum and maximum values. This will provide the decorations the 3D look.

Unlimited Possibilities

If you don't find a suitable icon then you can use your own icon. No need to depend and wait for us to add icons.

Multiple Decorations

You can add up to 5 decorations. One decoration will be displayed for a visitor's browser session.

Schedule Decorations

You don't have to visit the app at odd hours to activate a decoration. Just schedule using the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time feature. The decoration will get displayed accordingly.

Restrict Decorations

Restrict decorations based on Country, Day, and Time. Visitors from different countries can see different decorations at the same time.


You can create up to 5 decorations.


Just $1 per month

You can create up to 20 decorations. With more features to restrict decoration to collections and their products.

Surfer Bedding posted 8 months ago

Very awesome app!!! Thank you Meggnotec : ) :)

Vault Clothing Co 2 posted 8 months ago

Awesome app! Exactly what I'm looking for, strongly recommend. The best part is it is free, but looks professional.