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Facebook Messenger Remarketing by CartBack
$69.00 – $299.00 / month
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Get a FB chatbot to recover your abandoned carts!

You have an abandoned cart problem. And you've tried a couple different abandoned cart apps that all take the same approach of emailing your visitors. But they all have very low open rates and even lower click-thru rates.

How it works

When your visitor adds something to her cart and then is about to leave, we trigger a popup like this:

Your shopper just needs to click once to give permission to get messages on Facebook (no entering in their email address). And then your Facebook page automatically sends the abandoned cart message to their Facebook


Who is the sender of the Facebook message?
Your Facebook page automatically sends the message. During install, you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook page

Can I customize the Facebook message?
Yes, you can customize the body of the message as well as the call-to-action button

Can I customize the popup?
Yes, you can change the text, font, and colors of the popup modal

I already have an abandoned checkout app. Would I still use this?
Yes, you can use your current app to send emails to shoppers who left their email address. And this app will complement it by handling the visitors who did NOT leave an email address

Can I make this more like a true retargeting app by messaging people who just looked at my products?
Yes. By default, the chatbot will only message visitors who added an item to their cart. But you can change the setting to also message visitors who simply looked at an item.

How do I get support?
You can email us at We're also happy to talk over the phone or Skype (just email us your contact details)

Are there example stores where I can see this in action?

Likesy posted a year ago

The idea is great, I waited for app like this and was so excited to see it is in the app store, but... the popup is so lazy that so few people will even see it, it is unstable and has so little option to customize, I would wait for the people behind this app to make it function better and will surely want to use it again and change this review.

Artisticpod posted a year ago

Love it! Got me 3 recovered sales within the first few days of using it.
Great customer service!

Vivid Deals posted a year ago

Love it! Great customer service also!

Click Shop Drop posted a year ago

So easy to use, just works in the background trying to get you sales, without you needing to do anything. And messenger messages have more engagement than email and retargetting. Such a great idea...and the main thing is it's made us sales. Woohoo...

Grips 4 Less posted a year ago

LOVE the concept of this app. UI needs some work but it already recovered couple sales. I hope this review encourages developer keep improving it!

My Heart Bubble posted a year ago

Thank you so much for fantastic customer service! And even customizing your APP per my request! Awesome Joe, thank you!!! :)

Active Swag posted a year ago

App is pretty simple - user gets messaged via Facebook to come back for their abandoned cart. But I'm super excited for the potential of chatbots. The abandoned shopper and my store could have a fully automated conversation on FB Messenger to win the shopper back. I've emailed developer and he says features along this line are coming