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EU cookie compiler

Why EU cookie compiler?

EU cookie compiler benefits you with store compliance. It helps to adapts site to the European Regulations and displays a banner about the Cookie Policy.

From now you can just ensure total compliance in regard to EU cookie just with this easy to use app. It just takes one click to adhere to the compliance. If you are planning to hire developers to ensure adhering to EU compliance with your app, our app just can save the entire cost and energy. From now on just with as much effort as a single click you can be in compliance with European Cookie Law.

EU cookie compiler will inform all your customers through a banner that your online store or app is using cookies and is working with the EU guidelines. As soon as the customer agrees to the respective terms mentioned in the banner it will be taken off from the screen view.

Merchant will be able to do following activities:

  • Our app is fully responsive with optimised CSS to fit into any screen

  • We allow using contents in the banner as you like it to be

  • Your customers can easily hide the banner

  • The design of the banner is fully customizable just as it suits to your brand

  • It takes just a click to install our app.

Operating globally and having presence in the US and Europe, we boast off an expertise driven and experienced development and support team who has developed numerous successful apps for Shopify platform and other frontline ecommerce platforms.

Want to know more about EU cookie compiler? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Have a first hand experience of our FREE trial version before making EU cookie compiler your trusted partner to deal with the EU cookie law compliance.

Foderboxen posted a year ago

Free is great - especially here on Shopify where everything you do add something to the monthly bill..

And this app seems to do just what its saying and was very easy to setup - just enter your text and that is it.. you can see it live on our site if you like

Thanks for the app :-)

Classycookie posted a year ago

Really easy to use, fully customizable.

Epivostraps posted a year ago

Great App, works perfect in my shop. Fully Customizable too.

Juuls Juuls posted a year ago

Perfect, customizable, efficient, easy to use!

Beautyshopbygoldenyaa Nl posted a year ago

Easy to install and easy to use!

Ecofuel Ireland posted a year ago

Great app for getting a basic function like Cookies banner up and running on your site. Free and most importantly customizable to your brand.

Ultraloot posted a year ago

Does what it says. Efficient and fast.

Msno posted a year ago

Great app, thank you! Easy to configure and looks great. you can see it on our shop

Rand Wear posted a year ago

Super easy to install and it works perfectly

Jwelldev posted a year ago

Great app! Would definitly recommend it. Banner is personizable for each site.