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Shop Protector
$4.99 / month
45 days free trial
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Simply put, we help Shopify store owners say goodbye to fake account creation, annoying spam submissions, and bogus newsletter sign-ups.

Fraud and spam are two of the biggest frustrations for eCommerce businesses and cost thousands of dollars a year on average attempting to mitigate risk. Shop Protector™ is designed by web security experts to specifically eliminate these threats. Our app runs silently in the background of each connected Shopify site to analyze and protect your store in real time against malicious activity designed to disrupt your business.

Why use Shop Protector™?

Our app is a quantum leap in eCommerce protection.

Having built and secured thousands of websites over the years, our team is all too familiar in dealing with security threats from all angles. We’ve designed Shop Protector™ with a smart learning algorithm that removes the need for CAPTCHA or other invasive user tests which annoy site visitors, lead to abandoned carts and, ultimately, lost sales. This delivers a better visitor experience and the proof that it works is evident in your bottom line.

Increase security. Decrease frustration. Grow sales.

How much does it cost?

Less than $60/yr (billed monthly at only $4.99) with a FREE 14 day trial.

By signing up, you’ll receive full access to your own Shop Protector™ dashboard to monitor traffic on your website. A very simple sign-up process allows you to monitor your site traffic and block all suspicious activity in real time.

About Ellipsis Technologies, Inc.

Ellipsis Technologies, Inc. is a diversified technology company that develops innovative security software for websites and online applications.

Our innovative approach to security puts the human element at the forefront of our technology. With various applications in the works under the Ellipsis Technologies umbrella for additional platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, cPanel, and more, we are working to redefine online security for a safer tomorrow.

Oobakool posted 8 months ago

Highly recommended this app and company. Been using this app for a while and it does exactly what it says. No fake sign ups since this app was installed. Support is awesome, swift and friendly. Do your store a favour and just add this app if you're serious about your business and your customer's protection. Thanks guys for this app.

Continentalwf Com posted 8 months ago

I was receiving over 10-15 spam registrations and messages per day. Got this app implemented with awesome help from their technical team, and now NO spam at all. Highly recommend!

Aesthetic Content posted 8 months ago

We've been innundated with bot spam though our forms, getting worse everyday. I contacted Shopify and they said there was really nothing that could be done - we could pay for a re-CAPTCHA app, but even that wouldn't stop it. Then I found Shop Protector. I had some serious doubts, but thought we'd give it the 14 day trial and see what happened. After setting it up, not a single spam mail!

Gingerfinch posted 8 months ago

I was getting slammed with spam and other options for a captcha email form were really ugly and did not seem to work. Then I discovered John and his team and they did something magic to my site (with no changes to my existing email contact form) and the spam totally stopped! I'm so relieved. So many thanks to John and team.

I highly, highly recommend this app if you're having trouble with spam.

Fabric Confetti posted 9 months ago

Before I purchased Shop Protector I had dozens of Spam emails every day. It has now been about three weeks since I started with Shop Protector and I have not received ANY Spam emails through my Shopify account. Thank you!!!!!

Mimoods Knits posted 9 months ago

It seems to be working, no spam sign-ups yet!

Making Zine posted 9 months ago

The initial installation was confusing, but the customer service was great. It's been about a week since we installed and we've had no fake accounts created!

Tonique Skincare posted 9 months ago

Had a bit of trouble with the install at first but since installed no spam bots have registered on the site! Happy with this app so far!

Lucindatech posted 9 months ago

My site was being plagued by spam. The first app I installed stopped the fake customer sign-ups but I continued to receive upwards of 100 'Undeliverable' mail messages a day because somehow or other the spam bots were still able to register themselves which initiated the Shopify Welcome message. All of which of course came back as undeliverable. Long story short, John at Ellipsis set up the Ellipsis code snippet for me and I've had no more undeliverable mail or fake customer sign-ups. On top of all that, the app includes a dashboard that lets you view the ratio of human / suspicious activity on a daily basis. Great app, super service!. It's a keeper!

Vivid Deals posted 9 months ago

I had problems with bots creating customer accounts on my store…about 5-6 accounts created every 24 hours. The initial advice I was given was to edit my template code and add a math equation CAPTCHA test to hopefully prevent bots from creating accounts. The CAPTCHA slowed down the fake accounts but didnt stop them. BUT there is hope...I immediately got the app Ellipsis Human Presence and it worked 100%. From what I can tell, the more days I have it, the less bot traffic I even get to my site. And from the moment I got the app I have not had ONE bot account! If anyone is having this same issue, I would highly recommend this app. Totally worth it!