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Drop A Hint Premium
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The only "Drop a Hint" app on the market. Make a Wish. "Drop A Hint" - Receive The Present You Really Want! Give your visitors the opportunity to send their wishes to the one person that is most likely to purchase this item.

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How does "Drop a Hint" app work in your store?

"Drop a Hint" is an option displayed under/next to "ADD TO CARD" button, that allows your customers to sent an Electronic Hint Card to a person of their choice. The Hint Receiver, via personal e-mail, gets a beautifully styled Hint Card, that is a live-link to the exact product the browsing visitor "hinted". Drop a Hint App allows for up to four cards to be carried at any given time. Your visitors will be able to choose from 4 cards, styled by you. Our app features the option - "Capture Item" Hint Cards. Essentially cards, that will capture and display the exact item being hinted together with the graphic design you created for your Hint Card.

How does "Drop a Hint" app work for you as a store owner?

• The Drop A Hint captures and stores both (sender and receiver) emails in a convenient data spreadsheet. Drop a Hint comes with the option to automatically sync with your MailChimp Lists. You can double your email list in no time.

• Having valuable email addresses, linked to specific items, can be successfully used to direct your future marketing efforts, based on specific data, not just guesses. Now you can tailor and optimize your mail-out marketing and re-targeting campaigns and offer specific discounts that will result in actual sales.

• Store owners get notifications, in real time, what items on their store are being Hinted. That is in depth look into your "unknown data". Looking into what your visitors like/wish for is otherwise impossible, however using our app will open a window into a more detailed understanding of your browsing visitors' behavior.

• Our App comes with the option to schedule automated follow up Coupon Offers for both Hint Senders and Hint Receivers.


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I just installed the app. I have 7 days Free Trial. The app is asking me to approve charges. Will my account be charged immediately?

  • You will have to approve the charge to experience the app. However, your account will NOT be charged for the Initial 7 days Free Trial. If you cancel/uninstall the app during the Free Trial - Your Account Will Not be Charged!

Do I have to configure my store's theme for this app?

  • Unlike other Wishlists apps, you don't have to edit your store's theme. Our App is a one click installation that integrates seamlessly with your store. We offer complimentary app installation and graphic design assistance.

Can I control the content of the "Drop a Hint" app and how does it display the cards in my store?

  • Yes, you will be in full control of the content, artwork, and message, displayed for your customers.

Can you customize the look and feel of the "Drop a Hint" app?

  • Yes, you will be able to control the colors, placement, and feel of the "Drop a Hint" app. You will be in control of all Hint Cards and Hint messages, so both best reflect your store. You can customize your hint messages as many times as you need, you can change the design of your cards as many times as you need. You can even choose the language your APP will speak. You can edit all labels and messages throughout the app. We can help you with all that, as a complimentary service after installing our app.

I am not tech savvy store owner, can you help me set the app in my store?

  • Yes, we can help you. We offer complimentary app installation and graphic design assistance. Please contact us at:


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Rybelo posted a year ago

The app is really great and customer service is just fantastic!

Victorbarbone posted a year ago

Easy to use and helpful for my business in spreading the word! They are also super quick to respond to any inquiries I have!

Theurbannomads posted a year ago

Amazing support. Bella has been incredible in helping us get the app up and running. Can't wait for our customers to experience it.

Middynme posted a year ago

Stan & Bella have been fantastic.
Gorgeous graphics and customer service that is second to none.
I know my customers will love it !
Thank you for your help, patience and attention to detail .
Cheers !

Parfemme posted a year ago

Stan and Bella give great support. They helped us re position the app in our theme. The app has a great interface and formatting is easy with no coding required. Would highly recommend the team at appsolute.

Thegiftmakers posted a year ago

Fabulous support, couldn't do enough to help, installed and customised to my requirements. High recommended!!!! Can be seen at

Fastmodel Sports posted a year ago

Great support. We are still on our trial but they seemed to really care about helping us start on the right foot.

Vantage Unlimited posted a year ago

Looks great and really easy to use!

Old School Beauly posted a year ago

Really impressed so far - the idea is great. The assistance in setting it up was way beyond expectations, fast and efficient. Now playing around with wording and layout. All good.

Rure posted a year ago

Amazing app! Easy setup, very helpful and fast support. Thanks!