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The Fastest Way to Increase Site Speed, Search Engine Ranking and Conversions

Shopify App Store featured application, August 2016. Loved and utilized by merchants worldwide and leading Shopify agencies go-to optimization tool.

“ seems like an obvious winner.” - Kurt Elster, @ShopifyPodcast host


Take Your Shopify Store to The Next Level

● Make your shop faster

Properly optimised images can save many bytes of data. With, your web shop will load faster. Check your page speed with this Google tool.

● Improve your Search Engine Ranking

Faster loading speed will improve your search engine ranking. Google has been using site loading speed for SEO ranking since 2010

Here's an example of PageSpeed score for optimised and unoptimised web page:

  • PageSpeed score before compression: 75/100

  • PageSpeed score after compression: 87/100

● Make Google fall in love with your images

Your SEO will improve further if you rename your image file names and alt tags to be more descriptive. To quote Google: “It provides useful information about the subject matter of the image. We use this information to help determine the best image to return for a user's query.”

● See your Conversion Rate grow

Almost half of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less [1] and they tend to abandon a website that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds [2], according to surveys done by Akamai and Independent research by Compass shows that for every 1-second decrease in Page Load Time, your Revenue increases by 2%. Crush those worries and concentrate on your product.


Set and Forget

● Compress all existing and new images in one click

When you install, it will go through all your images and optimize them. Whenever you add a new product or asset image, will automatically optimize it with no work from you.

● Tidy your Image SEO

Automatically rename all image File Names and Alt tags to optimize your images further for search engines. Use your product data to go from an image file name that looks like this: DSC_0005.jpg to this:


● Same quality, smaller image files

Choose between Lossless or Lossy compression. With Lossless compression, your images will be as crisp as the original, and you can expect on average 5% - 15% savings for JPEG and 15% - 25% for PNG files.

For biggest savings, choose Lossy compression. There will be small, barely visible loss in image sharpness, but you can expect on average 15% - 30% savings for JPEG and 40% - 50% for PNG files at quality level 90%. You can compare your original image to the compressed one and restore originals if you change your mind.

● Restore Batch process will store all your original images for 30 days, and you can revert to your original images during that time. You can do this for any image manually, or do a Batch Restore and revert all your compressed images to their original version.


How does it work?

● Automatic or Manual

After installing, choose Automatic mode, and will go through all your product images and queue them for compression. You have 5MB/month of free compression in the Free plan. If you run out of it, you can purchase a plan and continue with compression.

After you purchase a plan, all asset images will be added to compression queue as well. Any new image you add to products or assets will be added to queue automatically.

If you choose Manual compression, you will be able to go through your images one by one and compress them yourself.

● Step-By-Step

  1. Install and choose compression type: Lossless or Lossy

  2. Choose compression mode: Automatic or Manual (If you choose Automatic, will start compressing your images automatically. If you choose Manually, you can do this yourself, one by one.)

  3. If you go over 5 MB/month, choose a plan that suits your needs

  4. Newly added images are compressed automatically

  5. Reports will update you on how your site is performing

If you ever get stuck, you can search our Help Centre articles or chat with us right inside the app. We are known for patient, human support.


Shopify Merchants Trust ★★★★★

"Noticed site speed increase immediately!"

"I wish more apps were like this - so easy to install and make a huge impact!"

"People don't realize how important speed is and this app makes all the difference."

"Excellent App! This has helped speed up our site significantly!"

"Fantastic App! Exceeded my expectations!"


☰ Recent Updates

  • March 2018 - Manual upload - upload and compress images directly from your computer

  • February 2018 - Compressing blog post cover images

  • February 2018 - Choose what type of image to compress automatically (product, collection, asset..)

  • February 2018 - Choose compression quality on Lossy (defaults to 90%)

  • January 2018 - Image search / filtering

  • March 2017 - Image SEO (Automatic Rename BETA)

  • January 2017 - Image SEO (Manual Rename)


✁ Choose a Plan Tailored for You

FREE - 5MB of images

  • Compress Product Images

  • PNG, JPEG, GIF support

  • 1 month Backup / Restore

Micro - 500 MB of images / month

  • Compress Product Images

  • Compress Asset Images

  • PNG, JPEG, GIF support

  • 1 month Backup / Restore

  • Compress new images every 15 minutes

  • $4.99 / month

Basic - 2 GB of images / month

  • Compress Product Images

  • Compress Asset Images

  • PNG, JPEG, GIF support

  • 1 month Backup / Restore

  • Compress new images every 15 minutes

  • $9.99 / month

Advanced - 5 GB of images / month

  • Compress Product Images

  • Compress Asset Images

  • PNG, JPEG, GIF support

  • 1 month Backup / Restore

  • Compress Asset Images

  • Compress new images every 15 minutes

  • $19.99 / month

Premium - 15 GB of images / month

  • Compress Product Images

  • Compress Asset Images

  • PNG, JPEG, GIF support

  • 1 month Backup / Restore

  • Compress Asset Images

  • Compress new images every 15 minutes

  • $39.99 / month


That's it, now start crushing!



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We are here to help:

Visit our Help Center and feel free to contact us at in case you need help.

Pet Globes posted a month ago

Can't afford the plans but free one works pretty well, i like it

Colornoir posted a month ago

So far I don't see a difference in our website's performance and we paid for a premium upgrade. You can check your website's performance here - see before and after and you will see no difference after. I'd love the makers of this app to let me know if we are missing something.

Buum Store posted a month ago

Perfect app for compression and Image SEO. GOOD JOB GUYS ;)

Starwind Stores posted a month ago

Very easy and user friendly app.

Brave Fine Art posted 2 months ago

Flawless and so easy to use. Many thanks from

Intentionally Sustainable posted 2 months ago

Love it, easiest app I have ever downloaded. Everything loaded automatically and easily started crushing all my images without me funny to do anything!

Skyiris Collection posted 2 months ago

We've used this app with and for a long time and find it super easy to use - thank you!

Dropnos posted 2 months ago

Awesome App. After beeing installed you don't have to worry about anything . App is completing the task on his own.

Mb Home Window Coverings posted 2 months ago

Good app very happy. Easy to set up and use.

The Italian Knife Maker posted 2 months ago

Terrible...ran the compress and rename showed magnificent results in control panel. Then checked...the alt tags werent hahaged, file names not changed, and no compression when I looked at the actual files.. Will be removing this...